Meet Yoruba Actor Olatayo Amokade Ijebuu’s Beautiful Daughters (video)

Olatayo Amokade who’s popularly known as Ijebuu took to his instagram handle a few hours ago to wish his fans a good night as he shared a video of himself playing with his children.

One special qualities about Ijebuu is that, during his leisure time you would always find him at home playing with his children. In his video, he was singing a song in his native language and his kids were smiling all through not understanding a word that he said.

This lovely video brought reactions as fans and celebrities in the entertainment industry enjoys his bond with his children. On his post he urge fathers to always play with their families whenever they are at home.

Basically, these are normal fun times a father should always have with his children on a regular basis. But some fathers feels too big to do it. Bonding with your children at a tender age is very important because this is when you will discover things about them, so as to understand them better.

That’s why some children find it difficult to communicate with their fathers when they are old enough to do things on their own, which might hamper the father and daughter relationship that is suppose to exist naturally.

Watch the video below:

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