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Nigerian Fuji Musician Alhaji Taofeek Adeyinka Adio Is Dead, May His Soul Rest in Peace

The Fuji World was thrown into a mourning state on Wednesday evening as a popular fuji artist was reportedly dead.

According to reports, Alhaji Taofeek Adeyinka Adio died in the evening of Wednesday, his death is still surprising as a neighbour reported that they both observed the morning prayer of Subh, and the Fuji artist looks fine, and was not even sick before his death. Such is life, many sleep and don’t wake up, many only hit their legs on a stone, and die.



Alhaji Taofeek studied in the University of Ibadan according to his Facebook bio. He was the Chairman of FUMAN known as Fuji Music Association of Nigeria, the Ogun state chapter. Alhaji Taofeek is one of the talented fuji artist in Nigeria who is well respected for his continuous effort and contributions to the musical world.


Before his death, Alhaji Taofeek is close with various fuji musician especially Alhaji Sefiu Alao Adekunle, one of the popular fuji artist in Nigeria.

Alhaji Taofeek Adeyinka Adio is really an icon in the Fuji world, and his death is surely one of the sad day in the fuji world due to the man’s enormous effort in the growth of the Fuji industry.

What a sad loss. May his soul rest in perfect peace.



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