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Late Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa calls out Meek Mill over disrespectful lyrics about her late husband, he reacts

Vanessa Bryant, wife to late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant 

has taken to social media to call out on rapper, Meek Mill over the disrespectful lyrics he made about her late husband, Kobe Bryant.

This comes after Meek Mill via his Instagram story released the lines of his new singles, in which he said “Yeah, if I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe.”

However, this did not sit well with Vanessa, a widow to the deceased, who finds the line “extremely insensitive and disrespectful.”


Reacting to the rap lines, She told him he can do better than that, adding that his latest release “lacks respect and tact”.
“Dear Meekmill I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful period. I am not familiar with any of your music but I believe you can do better than this. If you are a fan, fine. There are better ways to show.

Responding to her criticism, Meek Mill tweeted;

“I am going back savage in this shit.. Fuck ya feelings”


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