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Meet The Daughter Of Popular Nigerian Actor Ogogo, Who Is Also An Actress

A lot of competent, and devoted Nigerian actors have come out from the Nigerian film business in the past few years, among these actors is Mr Taiwo Hassan, popularly recognized as Ogogo.

He was born on October 31, in the year 1959, at Ilaro community, in Ogun state. He’s a veteran Nigerian actor, movie maker, and film director. He features mostly in Yoruba films.

His manner of acting has made him to be honored by a lot of people.


According to reports, he is espoused to 2 wives. The name of his 1st wife is Taiwo Ajoke, and the name of his 2nd wife is Taiwo Taibat.

Ogogo’s 2 wives have given birth to some wonderful children. Among his children is Taiwo Shakirat, who is also an actress.

Ogogo’s first wife, Ajoke Taiwo, gave birth to a daughter known as Shakirat Taiwo. Shakirat was brought into this world around March 1994. She began her acting career as a teenager. She featured in a film titled, Idajo Olorun, in the year 1998.

Shakirat has grown up now, and has started her journey in the movie industry. Undoubtedly, her parents are very delighted with her.


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