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2Face Idibia’s Daughter Ehi Disclose How Weird She Feels If Told She Looks Like Her Dad – Video

The 15yrs old daughter of singer 2Face Idibia, Ehi has revealed how weird she feels when told she looks exactly like her dad as she celebrates her birthday.

In a video sighted online, the young girl said it’s a weird compliment if people tell her she looks exactly like her father 2Face Idibia as she prefers to be called the female version of him instead of saying she looks like him.


According to her, when people tell her she looks exactly like her dad it makes her feels as if she’s a guy that’s why she looks exactly like him hence prefers to be complimented as the female version of her dad as that makes her feel okay.

She’s indeed the female version of 2Face Idibia as her face and that of her father’s face has no difference and she somehow behaves as he does and she knows that she’s the female version of him as she took after him.

2Face Idibia doesn’t need a DNA test to confirm whether his kids are his or not as all his 7 children have a trait of him if not by face then it’s singing ability just like him and they all actually takes after him one way or the other.

Today is Ehi’s 15th birthday and we know her father will celebrate her lovely as he began to count down to her birthday last night when it was a few hours to it and we hope she has a lovely day just as lovely as she is.

video below;


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