One of the biggest things to happen to Nigerian youths aside from God is the Big Brother Naija tv reality show.

Undoubtedly, it is has been the game-changer for most Nigerian youths regardless of their background, religious and political affiliation.

The show has singlehandedly transformed and changed the perspectives of most youths who have had the opportunity to enter the game irrespective of the number of days spent in the house.

The organizers need a pat on the shoulder for a job well done in grooming the youth, putting them on the world stage and giving them enough fortune and fame.

It’s sad to say some ex-housemates still find themselves wanting even after gaining all the abovementioned. In this article, we will look at 4 ex-housemates who are struggling to survive after the reality show.

  1. Vee

Regardless of the hot fiery Naomi Campbell looks she serves, she is easily caught in the web of social media users who waste no time in destroying her by hurling insults on her. Most social media users meet her with hate because of her bluntness, the kind of life they are not used to and fail to understand. She recently tweeted her anger saying

What gives people the confidence to DM other people insults and horrible messages? Is it joblessness? Cos it can’t be about a game show that was done over a month ago? I’m actually intrigued as to WHY this is normalized.

The energy is NEVER the same when they see you in real life sha. It’s actually laughable. Everyone is a gangster online apparently.

2. Tolanibaj

American born-Nigerian based Vlogger and A&R, Tolanibaj cannot be left out as hers is a delicate one. She lost her lover to her fellow female ex-housemate and as if that is not enough, fans have tried pitting her against other females, comparing their beauty. The stress in the above issue is not what she bargained for. She recently took to twitter to calm her fans saying;

Please stop the comparison amongst the housemates on social media. We’re all striving & working at our own pace. Peace & love

We’re all unique in our own way

3. Erica

Erica has turned out successful irrespective of her early exit from the show, she has gone out to become richer than most of her colleagues as endorsement train awaits her as the day goes by but has had her share of the struggles that comes with being a celebrity.

She recently aired her distress feelings on Twitter in a series of tweets saying;

I wonder why I haven’t had issues with my people I’ve known before the house but can’t say the same for the people I met after, they all have one thing in common, selfish interests. I run from those people!

I’m not going to be your perfect celebrity all the time, I’m just a regular girl. I say what’s on my mind and it doesn’t have to be because of any drama. If you put too much pressure to be perfect on a human being, they will be stressed.

I just want to tweet like a normal person so please be guided. Now I’m 💯 sure I need a vacation on an island and with no phones

4. Lucy

It’s safe to say if Lucy had known being a celebrity comes with intense pressure and pain, she would have pulled out from the reality because she has had no ounce of peace since she came out from the Lockdown house. She negative energy and hate given her by social media users is beyond her.

Her social media accounts have been hacked times without number, forcing her to go off grid for a while. She is indded struggling with life as a celebrity after BBNaija.

She recently took her frustrations out on social media users through a post she made;

You people are the reason people die of depression, because God forbid they show that they’re sad or unhappy or even angry, talk more of imperfect in pictures, you people will still talk and say a person should act a certain way in public etc, I am not going to live my life to impress people at the cost of my own happiness or mental health, e get as e go be, I’ll leave the social media for you people.

I get that being rude is a norm for some, and we encourage it by laughing at these mean jokes, when you’re on the receiving end one of these days, maybe, just maybe you’ll understand how not funny it actually is.

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