6 Female NTA News Anchors Who Ruled The 80s & 90s (Photos)

The Nigerian Television Authority, or NTA, had women who made broadcasting glamorous in the 1980s and early 1990s. The presenters of the station’s flagship news broadcast, the NTA network news at 9:00 p.m., were always these women.

Many people have wondered what happened to these women years after they left NTA. In this article, Johnniepen highlights these wonderful media pioneers and what some of them have been doing since leaving NTA.

1. Bimbo Oloyede

Bimbo Oloyede’s dulcet voice was one that many older Nigerian Television Authority fans looked forward to hearing on the NTA Network News. Bimbo Oloyede made her first appearance on the airwaves in April 1976. From 1976 to 1980, she was the anchor of the 9 p.m. news.

Bimbo Oloyede now runs her own organization, WODEF (Women Optimum Development Foundation), which she established in January 1999.

2.Siene Allwell-Brown

In the 1970s and 1980s, the beautiful Siene Allwell-Brown was a well-known face. Sienne was a master and at the top of her line of work, famed for her impeccable fashion sense.

Sienne’s superb sense of fashion could make some women jealous, dating back to her days as a news anchor. In fact, many women tuned in to the prime news hour especially to see designs of her famous outfits. Siene had a long and successful career as a newscaster, and she continues to be a role model for many young women today.

3. Ruth Benamaisia-Opia

The highly charismatic Ruth Benamaisia-Opia is yet another NTA news idol. When she hosted the news show, she endeared herself to millions of Nigerian Television viewers with her marvelous delivery.

(Ruth Benamaisia-Opia and Siene Allwell-Brown )

Many of today’s young female newscasters have stated that Ruth Benamaisia-Opia is the reason they chose the career. Throughout her on-screen life, her radiant looks captivated her audience and left them desiring more

4. Eugenia Abu

For 17 years, NTA’s 9 p.m. news was anchored by the beautiful and intelligent Eugenia Abu. Eugenia, now 59, began her career in media at Radio Benue in Makurdi before joining NTA.

Eugenia Abu founded the Eugenia Abu Media Center in 2018, which serves as a reading and mentoring hub for young Nigerian writers and artists.

5. Lola Alakija

Lola Alakija was another recognizable face on Nigerian television in the 1980s and early 1990s. During her reign, she ruled Nigerian television and served as a role model for youths girls who sought to work in the broadcast media. This year marked the 70th birthday of Lola Alakija, who is now a pastor.

Tokunbo Ajayi NTA

Olatokunbo Ajayi was born in 1963. She attended Queens College in Yaba, Lagos. Olatokunbo proceeded to the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos where she obtained a Diploma in Mass Communication.

Tokunbo Ajayi NTA news

Tokunbo loved broadcasting and news casting was her major forte. She loved it and enjoyed it. She gave it her all and was determined to leave her mark.

Tokunbo Ajayi NTA news caster

Olatokunbo Ajayi was a seasoned broadcaster and consummate professional. It is not unusual to recall her rich voice and her unusual tomboyish simplicity on the Network News of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Tokunbo was unique and highly unforgettable in the media space

Tokunbo Ajayi NTA pictures

Tokunbo Ajayi NTA died

Tokunbo Ajayi NTA story is quite tragic. Tokunbo Ajayi died in London, England on August 18, 2000. Tokunbo was 37 years old when she died. The news of her death caught many by surprise. The shock and suddenness of Tokunbo’s demise has left many wondering about what really happened to her. She was said to have been on holiday in the United Kingdom when she died. It was understood that she arrived in London just a few days before her death after going through a traumatic experience in her home in Abuja.


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