Accusations leveled against Baba Suwe false-Son

Adesola Omidina, a son to late comic actor, Baba Suwe, has said that the allegations of drug trafficking levelled against his father by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are false.

News recall that the NDLEA detained Baba Suwe on October 12, 2011, at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, on his way to Paris, France, for allegedly swallowing hard drugs. But after three weeks of detention, no drugs were found in him.

A Lagos high court then ordered the NDLEA to pay Baba Suwe the sum of N25m for unlawfully detaining him and also tender an apology to him.

However Adesola told Saturday Beats: “The case is not about what he told me. Rather, I was involved in the case from the beginning to the end. I was the one that hired the late Bamidele Aturu to handle my father’s case.

“I wouldn’t want to go deep into this issue; it is a story for the future. All the accusations that were levelled against my father were false. My father couldn’t even kill a rat, not to talk of what he was accused of. That was too expensive.”

Speaking further, Baba Suwe’s son stated that the late actor lost some friends and also got denied opportunities of earning money as a brand ambassador to corporate organizations.

“There were some people who loved to associate themselves with my father but after that incident, they withdrew and were also trying to be careful to protect their image.


“My father was not able to enjoy certain privileges which could have come from the government, both state and federal; and also brands. As a young guy, all my income was spent on my father till he died just to make sure he was fine. We thank God for everything.”


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