Knowledgebase recalls that the mother of one once took to social media to lament about how her son was robbed in broad day light.

The devastated mother took to her verified Instagram page to share the story.

According to her, some valuables were lost, but her son wasn’t harmed.

She wrote:

“My son was attacked/robbed today at college road Ogba in broad daylight and this keeps me wondering what this country has turned into

Some valuables was lost but we thank God for the gift of Life … please stay safe out there and may we not mourn over our loved ones Insha Allah… Love you my most precious treasure”

This time around, lamenting about how difficult it is to raise a child, she wrote;

It’s very difficult to be a slay Queen as a single mother especially if your baby daddy is irresponsible 😊

If you want to take care of your child then you’ll have to sacrifice the urge to do laulau if you don’t earn much 💯 you can’t serve 2 masters at the same time ✌️

It’s either your child or trendy stuffs! So choose wisely 🤗


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