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Arthur Eze Biography

Arthur Eze is a well-known Nigerian entrepreneur, oil magnate, philanthropist, and politician who was born on November 27, 1948.

He is an Engineer who specializes in the fields of chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Atlas Oranto Petroleum’s Chairman and CEO is him. He is also known as Prince Arthur Eze and Ozoigbondu of Igboland.

Arthur Eze
Arthur Eze Biography:  Age, Children, Church, Companies, Forbes Net Worth 2022, Political Party, wife, Son,
Full Name:Arthur Eze
Stage Name:Prince Arthur Eze
Born:27 November 1948 (age 74 years old)
Place of Birth:Ukpo, Dunukofia, Anambra, Nigeria
State Of Origin:Anambra State
Parents:The Eze Royal Family
Wife • Spouse:Mrs. Eze
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Children:Onyeka Eze, Olisa Eze
Occupation:Businessman • Politician
Net Worth:US$5.9 billion

Early Life

Arthur Eze was born into the royal family of Dunukofia Local Government Area’s Ukpo Village. On November 27, 1948, he entered the world. He is of the Ibo ethnic group and was born in the country’s Southeast region. He is an Anambra State native.

He is a Prince because he is a member of the royal family. His elder brother is the current king of Ukpo Village, the traditional ruler.

Arthur Eze spent his early years in Ukpo Village, where he was taught his ancestor’s customs and traditions. His parents instilled in him moral values, and he learned leadership and entrepreneurship skills as a teenager.


Arthur Eze received his elementary education at public schools in the Dunukofia Local Government Area.

Following that, he was accepted into St. Augustin Secondary School in Nkwere, Imo State, for his high school education.

He graduated from the institution as one of its top students, having received high marks in his Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations.

Arthur Eze later moved to the United States to further his education. In 1978, he earned dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach.


Arthur Eze returned to Nigeria after completing his bachelor’s degree to enter the corporate world. He landed a lucrative job in the oil industry as a result of his academic success at university. He worked as an employee for several years before leaving to start his own business. This resulted in the formation of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, a privately held exploration and production company.

Prince Arthur Eze has led Atlas Oranto Oil to become one of Africa’s largest holders of oil exploration blocks. The company holds 22 oil and gas licenses in 12 African jurisdictions. Atlas Oranto Oil operates in Nigeria, Liberia, the Gambia, and Equatorial Guinea. The corporate headquarters of the oil company are in Abuja, while its technical base is in Lagos.

Atlas Oranto Oil is a privately held company with shareholders. The controlling stake, however, is owned by Prince Arthur Eze and his family. The company’s other shareholders are involved in its management.

Arthur Eze is a savvy businessman. He has investments in other industries. He used to work in the aviation industry. He is the founder of the now-defunct Triax Airlines, which began operations in 1992. The airline was based in Enugu State and operated three commercial planes that flew between cities. However, by 2000, the airline had ceased operations.

Arthur Eze is a well-known politician who has been involved in Nigerian politics for many years. He has been identified as one of Anambra’s political godfathers. He is well-known for funding political parties and donating to the campaigns of candidates he supports. He is one of the notable individuals who has contributed to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He is also credited with being one of the founding members of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan bestowed the national honor of Officer of the Federal Republic (OFR) on Arthur Eze on November 14, 2011. The award was given in recognition of his humanitarian work and contribution to the national economy’s growth.

Personal Life

Arthur Eze values his family. He is married to Mrs. Eze and has three children. Mr. Onyeka Eze, one of his sons, is the founder and president of the Prince Osisioma Foundation. He owns prestigious properties in various countries and fleets of luxury automobiles. He has sons and daughters, including Olisa Eze.

He is a well-known philanthropist who is known for assisting the less fortunate in society and supporting social causes.

He donated US$12 million in 2013 to build the St. Stephen Anglican Deanery and Youth Development Center in Bayelsa State. He also donated ten million naira to the elderly in his village.

Arthur Eze is a mansion owner with a fleet of cars in Nigeria.

Net Worth

The business magnate has amassed a fortune through his entrepreneurial endeavors. Arthur Eze’s net worth is estimated to be $5.9 billion USD.

Forbes Net Worth 2022

Arthur Eze with a net worth of $5 billion. He is the owner of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, and he is also from a royal family in Anambra State, Nigeria.

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Arthur Eze Biography:  Age, Children, Church, Companies, Forbes Net Worth 2022, Political Party, wife, Son,

Arthur Eze Biography:  Age, Children, Church, Companies, Forbes Net Worth 2022, Political Party, wife, Son,

Arthur Eze Biography:  Age, Children, Church, Companies, Forbes Net Worth 2022, Political Party, wife, Son,

Arthur Eze Biography:  Age, Children, Church, Companies, Forbes Net Worth 2022, Political Party, wife, Son,

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