Twitter fans of the season have rallied to the defense of Eloswag over a brief but heated exchange with Bella and Chomzy.

Things rapidly went south in the house after Eloswag felt disrespected by a joke made by Chomzy. In a bid to express his displeasure, the ladies felt offended and dished out choice words.

Amid the argument, Sheggz weighed in to defend his house sweetheart, Bella, threatening to get physical in her defense. Expectedly, Twitter followers had quite a lot to say about Sheggz’ actions.

Since the season’s first Saturday night party, the housemates have continued to make jokes about Eloswag kissing Phyna after admitting to having romantic designs on Chomzy. During the housemate’s Wednesday diary session, he expressed to Big Brother how the infamous joke poses him as a player.

Check out Twitter reactions:

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