Hermes Big Brother Naija Biography

On the 24th of July, 2022, which happens to be the second phase of Big Brother Naija’s premiere for Season 7, Hermes was introduced as a housemate. We have limited information about Hermes, but we promise to keep you updated as the show continues. Thou, Hermes has stirred a lot of reactions from Twitter users because they all assumed Hermes looked like Zazu Crooner, Portable.
Some of them also said Hermes looks like Arin with his number of earrings and piercings.

Hermes BBNaija Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Family, State, Education

Hermes BBNaija Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Hermes Chibueze Iyele
Date Of Birth: 1990’s
Age: 25 years @ 2022
State Of Origin: Unknown
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend – Wife: 2 Girlfriends
Occupation: Dancer
Net Worth: Under Est.
Place Of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Parents: Unknown

Hermes Big Brother Naija Real Name

According to Big Brother, Hermes’ full names are Hermes Chibueze Iyele.

Hermes Big Brother Naija Career

Basketball, public speaking, and American flag football are just a few of Hermes’ favorite pastimes.

He’s performed his choreography at prestigious festivals in Lagos, Glasgow, and Rotterdam, and he’s appeared in music videos for afrobeat musicians like Burna Boy, Davido, and Ajebo Hustlers. He’s also an accomplished choreographer.

Hermes Big Brother Naija Relationship Status

Hermes is in a polyamorous relationship with two women, allowing everyone involved to flourish individually and as a group. Honesty is one of his favorite virtues. The truth is essential to him, but he’s learned that people don’t like hearing viewpoints they disagree with, so he speaks delicately when expressing his opinions.
According to Hermes:
Why the Big Brother Naija House? “I’d like to show people just how much the love and creativity that is built in such tight living circumstances can change the world and help people grow”.

Hermes Big Brother Naija Instagram Handle

You can connect with Hermes on Instagram with the handle hermesiyeleAt this moment, he has a total number of 26,600 followers. I am sure his followers will skyrocket within the coming days.

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