BBNaija Season 7: Housemates clash over food (Video)

Since the merging of Level One and Level Two houses, daily fights have become the norm for housemates, especially over food.

Once again, the Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates clashed over food.

The drama unfolded after their Friday task when Bryan, Amaka and Phyna tackled each other.

Biggie had brought food for the housemates, and Level Two was responsible for winning their wager tasks.

Amaka and Phyna blasted Bryann when he ordered the kilishi they contributed money to buy, which should be shared equally.

Phyna wasn’t aware that Bryan contributed money for the kilishi and tackled him.

When the situation was calm, Daniella explained that Bryan was asking for his share because they all contributed money to buy the foodstuff for the house.

Phyna said she didn’t like how he approached her, saying what she was doing was stupid.

Bryann stated to Doyin that he didn’t call her stupid.

He said he only called ‘what she was doing’ stupid.

We thought all was settled till another round of fight unfolded.

Sheggz came hard at Chizzy for insulting his girlfriend Bella.

The lover boy didn’t take lightly to Chizzy, insulting him over food.

Things got heated up when Chizzy started exchanging words with Bella.

Bella took eggs that belong to Level 2 to use after asking permission from Modella and some other Level 2 HMS.

Chizzy, oblivious to it, attacked her for using their egg. Chizzy called her names in his dialect. He referred to Bella as “Ekuke”, which means local dog.

Ever the protective boyfriend, Sheggz jumped in to defend his woman, and the two had an altercation.

This is the second time Chizzy and Sheggz would exchange words over Bella and food.

knowledgebase news reported that drama erupted on Thursday morning between Sheggz and Chizzy after the former insisted on him and his girlfriend eating whatever they felt like in the house.

Sheggz wanted to fry chicken for his woman, Bella but Chizzy stopped him.

The chicken in the house was the one Level Two bought with their Wager’s money before they were merged.

Chizzy, who had been controlling his anger over how Level One housemates wasted food, almost got into fisticuffs with Sheggz.

Sheggz claimed that all the food was from Biggie; as such, he and his babe would eat whatever they liked.

Hermes was also dragged into the argument as Sheggz mentioned him as one of the housemates who hid food.

Sheggz and Bella claimed that the dancer was hoarding plantain and eggs.

knowledgebase news recalls many Nigerians cheered on Chizzy to break Bella and Sheggz’s ship.

Many viewers were getting irritated over their lovey-dovey content and bossy attitudes.

Since stepping into the house, Bella and Sheggz have made themselves “Bosses”, as their rules and decisions are highly respected.

During the Level Two dairy session with Biggie, Biggie asked them to pick one male and female housemate from Level One who they would love to join them.

For the male housemate, the majority chose Eloswag and Hermes, and Chomzy for the female housemate.

Chizzy, on his part, picked Deji because he felt he had a strong personality and Bella because he wanted to separate her from Sheggz.

Nigerians drummed support for him as many agreed that Sheggz and Bella needed to be separated.

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