His Biography

Robert Lee Jr. (born September 17, 1971), known professionally as Bobby Lee, is an American comedian, actor, and podcast host. He is the eldest son of Jeanie Lee and Robert Lee.

He attended Poway High School in Poway, California. His parents, who were Korean and American, owned clothing stores in California.

When Bobby Lee was nine years old, he was sexually abused by a man with Down syndrome, and this was made public on the shows The Fighter and The Kid.

When he was 18, he moved in with his parents and began working in restaurants and coffee shops in the San Diego area, while also briefly attending Palomar College. The company where he works in 1994.

Bobby Lee Biography: Net Worth, Age.
Full Name:Robert Edwin Lee, Jr.
Stage Name:Bobby Lee
Born:17 September 1971 (age 50 years old)
Place of Birth:San Diego, California, United States
Height:1.64 m
Parents:Jeanie Lee, Robert Lee
Siblings:Steve Lee
Wife • Spouse:Khalyla Kuhn (m. 2016)
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Occupation:Actor • Comedian
Net Worth:US$10 million

His Early Life and Education

Robert Edwin ‘Bobby’ Lee, Jr. was born to parents Jeanie Lee and Robert E. Lee in San Diego County, California. He grew up in Poway, California, with his younger brother, Steve Lee.

Bobby Lee attended Poway High School, Twin Peaks Middle School, and Painted Rock Elementary School. He was a member of a breakdancing team in high school.

At the age of 18, he left his parents’ home and worked in restaurants and coffee shops in the San Diego area while attending Palomar College. He eventually bowed out.

His parents were Korean Americans who owned clothing stores in Escondido and Encinitas, California. His mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

Steve Lee, Bobby Lee’s younger brother, is a guitarist and the host of the podcast The Steebee Weebee. Along with Bobby Lee, Steve Lee has appeared on MAD TV as a guest star, most notably in sketches with Kim Jong-il and Tank.

His Career

Before pursuing a career in comedy, Bobby Lee worked in a variety of cafes and restaurants. The coffee shop where he worked closed abruptly in 1994. “I just started working next door at The Comedy Store in San Diego,” he explained (also known as the La Jolla Comedy Store). He wanted to pursue stand-up comedy at one of the club’s amateur nights after a few months of doing various tasks at the club.

Bobby Lee received requests to open for Pauly Shore and Carlos Mencia within a year of doing daily comedy gigs. He later became a regular at Pauly Shore’s mother Mitzi’s Los Angeles comedy club, The Comedy Store. In multiple interviews, he has stated that his parents expected him to stay in the family business and were initially dismissive of his comic endeavors.

On February 1, 2011, Bobby Lee revealed in a podcast interview with fellow actor and comedian Joe Rogan that his parents barely spoke to him during the first few years of his stand-up career, but that after his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, his father called him and asked how much he had to pay to be on the show, and then apologized for not promoting his comedy career.

His younger brother has made several non-speaking appearances on MADtv, and his entire family has appeared in a parody. Bobby Lee pitched Comedy Central a series about a Korean family starring his own family in 2007.

In 2013, Bobby Lee hosted the 9th MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert. He and Andrew Santino began co-hosting the Bad Friends podcast in 2020.

His Personal Life

Bobby Lee’s dating history is unknown because he has kept his personal life as private as possible.

Bobby Lee’s only publicly known girlfriend is biochemist Khalyla Kuhn, whom he met on Tinder in early 2013 and with whom he married in August 2016. Khalyla’s reported greed for money was the most talked-about aspect of their marriage.

Many of Bobby Lee’s admirers despised her, believing she married him solely for his wealth. In a Twitter post, she denied the allegations, claiming that she had led a normal life prior to Bobby Lee’s arrival.

On the other hand, based on their YouTube podcasts and Khalyla Kuhn’s Instagram photos, the couple appears to have a lot of fun together.

His Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Bobby Lee’s net worth is currently estimated to be US$10 million, which he has accumulated during his career in the entertainment industry.

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