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Brooke Ashley Bond (born March 15, 1998) is a well-known American media personality who goes by the moniker BrookeAB.

She is primarily recognized for her BrookeAB Twitch channel, but she is also a well-known video gaming celebrity.

Her admirers like watching her live Fortnite and 100 Thieves streaming.

BrookeAB, a rising streamer, is also noted for her connection with Mason Lanier, a fellow streamer known as Symfuhny.


BrookeAB: History, Bio, Photo

Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name:Brooke Ashley Bond
Stage Name:BrookeAB
Born:March 15, 1998 (age 23 years old)
Place of Birth:Alabama, United States
Height:1.62 m
Husband • Spouse:Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner:Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier
Occupation:Gamer • Media Personality
Net Worth:US$100,000

Early Life

BrookeAB was born on March 15, 1998.

She was born in the United States, in the state of Alabama.

The American streamer started interested in video games as a youngster because of her elder sister, who also loved to play them.

Her parents are from the United States, but their identities have not been revealed.


BrookeAB, the streamer, graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Forensic Psychology minor.

When she enrolled in that course, her objective was to deal with criminally ill individuals.


BrookeAB started broadcasting frequently on Twitch in 2018, and she started with playing Pokemon. She had a little following and was playing Fortnite at the time.

BrookeAB purchased some Corinna Kopf items and posted a photo of them online. BrookeAB received a message from Corinna Kopf on Twitch encouraging her to play with her.

BrookeAB ultimately joined Corrina Kopf’s streaming team, which also included Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenneya and Symfuhny. Her fan following grew as she began to play and engage with new gamers.

Finally, Corrina Kopf and Tfue got BrookeAB to go on a blind date with Symfuhny, aka Maison, and the two ended up dating.

BrookeAB became the second female member of the gaming club 100Thieves in 2019 and moved into their Los Angeles home.

BrookeAB disclosed in 2020 that she had been the victim of internet stalking and harassment. She detailed the terrifying, months-long ordeal in a lengthy blog post, though she was unable to reveal all of the details due to legal restrictions.

Personal Life

Mason Lanier, a fellow streamer known as Symfuhny, is dating BrookeAB, a gaming celebrity. Symfuhny and BrookeAB became friends once they started broadcasting together on Twitch.

On July 27, 2019, BrookeAB and Symfuhny met in person for the first time, and BrookeAB chronicled the moment by posting a photo of the two of them on her Instagram profile.

The duo looks to be in love, as they continue to post images of themselves together and messages expressing their feelings.

BrookeAB and Symfuhny are said to be engaged, and there was a breakup rumor between the two, but neither is proven.

Net Worth

BrookeAB‘s net worth is believed to be US$100,000. Her earnings come from her employment as a Twitch and 100 Thieves streamer and promotional posts on her social media sites.


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