• because the lockdown on Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja affects businesses, a Nigerian man has lamented his harsh reality
  • Despite the Lagos state government’s effort to cushion the economic effect with relief materials, the person said it’s not enough – consistent with him, the rice within the relief package cannot feed his eight children and two wives during this pandemic period An unnamed Nigerian has begin during a viral video to complain about the standard of relief materials the Lagos government gave out.

He said that despite the billions that were donated by wealthy people within the country, the relief materials he got were way below his expectation. He wondered how people like him would survive, asking the govt to try to to more as he has many mouths to feed.

The unnamed man in the video also lamented that the government measure of a 14-day lockdown is bad with the miserly measure of rice he got.

She said that the lockdown will do more harm than good to the Nigerian citizens as there’s an absence of appropriate welfare packages. Rosemary also wondered why despite the billions of naira donated, no provisions are given to the people. She also said she has not seen the govt distribute common safety materials like toiletries or hand sanitizers.

The Nigerian lady said that unlike other countries where there are stimulus packages to cushion the effect of staying reception , the Nigerian government has done nothing therein regard. In other news, animals are taking up the streets that were once populated by humans as both wild and non-wild animals might be seen in city streets in countries like Italy, Japan, and Thailand.


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