Cubana-Chiefpriest Biography

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media

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Cubana Chief Priest Biography

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu is a well-known Nigerian entrepreneur, socialite, and influencer. In the entertainment industry, he is known as Cubana Chief Priest.

He is the founder and CEO of a nightclub chain in Southern Nigeria. He was previously the General Manager of the Cubana Group. He is the owner of Club Xhrine, a popular nightclub with locations in Delta and Imo states.

Cubana Chief Priest
Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media
Full Name: Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu
Stage Name: Cubana Chief Priest, Celebrity Barman
Born: March 26, 1982 (age 41 years old)
Place of Birth: Umuhu Okabia, Orsu, Imo, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Imo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: 1.73 m
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Okechukwu
Siblings: Onyinyechi Maryanne
Wife • Spouse: Angel Gold Okechukwu-Anunuso (Deangels)
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Chukwuebuka Okechukwu, Obinna Okechukwu
Occupation: Businessman • Media Personality
Net Worth: US$15 million-US$20 million

Paschal Chibuike Ukechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, is a 40-year-old Nigerian-born entrepreneur and show promoter.

Cubana Chief Priest was born on March 26, 1982, in Orsu, Imo State, his birthplace, as the second child in his family.

Obi Cubana’s Cubana Chief Priest is the General Manager and Co-Director of the well-known Cubana Group.

Rolex Hotels, Cubana Night Clubs, Opium Cubana, Grand Cubana Hotels, Pablo Cubana, and Crave Cubana are examples of Cubana Leisure Outfits.

Early Life

The Cubana Chief Priest is an Ibo. He is from Umuhu Okabia in Imo State’s Orsu Local Government Area. Imo is where he was born and raised. He was born in 1982 on March 26th. Onyinyechi Maryanne is his sister.

He was born into Mr. and Mrs. Okechukwu’s family. Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu was named by his parents at the time of his birth. He grew up in a close-knit family and went to church on a regular basis as a child. His parents are devout Catholics who raised him in the faith.

Cubana Chief Priest spent a portion of his childhood in Abia State. He relocated to the ancient city of Aba to live with his father and learn the trade of shoemaking. He had mastered the craft of shoemaking in a matter of years and worked diligently as an apprentice in his father’s establishment.

During this time, Cubana Chief Priest learned how to market and sell shoe products to people who came to shop in Aba’s central market. When he graduated from college, he had to stop working for his father.


Cubana Chief Priest received his primary and secondary education at prestigious public-owned schools in Orsu Local Government Area.

In the late 1990s, he graduated from high school with good grades on his Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Following that, he was admitted to Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo State. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Event and Luxury Hospitality Management by a reputable Nigerian university.


Cubana Chief Priest had decided at a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. This frame of mind followed him as he resumed his studies at the polytechnic. As an undergraduate, he started a small business selling shoes to students and faculty at the university.

He frequently traveled to Aba to buy shoes from his father and then returned to school to resell them to interested buyers. He quickly rose to prominence in the polytechnic community.

He was heavily involved in entertainment, which added to his popularity as an undergraduate. He frequently organized shows and music concerts on campus. He had become one of Owerri’s leading show promoters by the time he graduated from the institution. He was the go-to guy in the Southeastern city for showbiz event planning and management.

Following that, Cubana Chief Priest relocated to Lagos in search of better business opportunities. During this time, he crossed paths with nightlife entrepreneur Obi Cubana. The older entrepreneur hired him for the newly formed Cubana Group. He accepted the offer and was appointed General Manager of the Cubana Group.

As General Manager, he oversaw the group’s various successes in the nightlife and hospitality industries. Cubana Chief Priest oversaw the establishment of subsidiary companies (clubs, hotels, and restaurants) under the parent company and assisted the Cubana brand in expanding its operations.

He rose through the ranks of the Cubana Group to become one of the country’s most prominent socialites. He had the opportunity to meet many celebrities and VIPs from Nigeria and Africa. He also became a shareholder in the company and received dividends for his investment.

However, Cubana Chief Priest stepped down as General Manager in 2020. This was due to his desire to establish and run a new business. In 2020, he will open Club Xhrine in Owerri, Imo State. Davido, a close friend of his, was present at the club’s debut. Club Xhrine has expanded its operations to include a new branch in Asaba, Delta State. He is the President and CEO of the Club Xhrine Group.

As a grown-up little fellow, Cubana Chief Priest had long desired to become a vocalist, and any resemblance of Lagbaja served as his inspiration and motivation.

Regardless, his dream of becoming a musician was dashed due to unforeseen circumstances. Many assumed he was unable to pursue his dream of becoming a vocalist because of his voice.

After his fantasy of becoming a vocalist did not come true, he redirected his efforts into becoming an agent.

During his time as an agent, he was discovered by Obi Cubana, who immediately cleaned him up and transformed him into the man he is today.

The Cubana Chief Priest is known for his hot temper. He is a lover who is also extremely inventive and scientific.

He is a multi-millionaire agent who owns a variety of vehicles, including BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes G-Class, and Rolls-Royce Phantom Car, to name a few.

He was born into the world as a Christian and grew up as a Christian. During family vacations, he has visited numerous countries. He owns homes worth millions of dollars both inside and outside of his home state of Imo State.

According to Cubana Chief Priest, Davido’s visit to Owerri in 2018 changed his life because his inn Grand Hotel in Owerri was packed with the same number of people who came to see Davido perform, thus increasing his popularity.

Cubana Chief Priest collaborates with a number of celebrities, including Mercy Eke, the winner of BBNaija 2019.

Personal Life

The Cubana Chief Priest is married. Angel Gold Okechukwu-Anunuso (Deangels), also known as Deangels, is his happily married wife. Chukwuebuka Okechukwu and Obinna Okechukwu are the children of their union.

The Okechukwu family lives in luxury thanks to the success of the family’s breadwinner, Cubana Chief Priest. He owns properties in Nigeria and abroad. In his garage, he also keeps a fleet of exotic cars.

The Celebrity Barman is Cubana Chief Priest. This is due to his stature in the Nightlife and Hospitality industries. This influence has spread to the entertainment industry, where he has close relationships with many musicians and Nollywood actors.

He is regarded as one of the country’s most powerful influencers. He is credited with assisting Mercy Eke to win the BBN Reality Show in 2019. He was her main supporter and sponsor.

Cubana Chief Priest is currently living a lavish lifestyle. He is married and has two (2) children from his marriage.

Angel Gold Okechukwu (Nee Anunuso) is Cubana Chief Priest’s happily married wife (Deangels).

Net Worth

Cubana Chief Priest, one of Nigeria’s most wealthy entertainers, does not have a confirmed net worth.

The Celebrity Bar Man has amassed a fortune through the nightlife and real estate industries.

The net worth of Cubana Chief Priest is estimated to be between $15 million and $20 million, but he is not listed in Forbes.

Social Media

Cubana Chief Priest is a major influencer in Nigeria. He has a sizable social media following.

He has over 4.1 million Instagram followers.

Photo Gallery

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media


Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Sister And Social Media


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