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Many child performers have earned names for themselves in the Nigerian entertainment industry. As a result of celebrity training, many young actors have become well-known.

This article highlights four well-known Nigerian children’s actors who are now making Nigerians proud in the entertainment business.


Emmanuella Samuel, a prominent Nigerian comedian, is making waves in the entertainment sector, and Nigerians are pleased of her accomplishments at such a young age. The 11-year-old actress, who began appearing in comedy sketches with well-known comic Mark Angel in 2015, is now well-known and considered as one of Nigeria’s funniest children comedians.

She has garnered the admiration of many Nigerians and others around the world as a result of her outstanding acting talents and confidence, and she is now one of the most followed kid superstars on social media, with 766k Instagram followers and 14 million Facebook followers.

Fred A. Isaac

At the age of six, the fast-rising Nigerian child actor began acting in films. He has appeared in various Nollywood movies alongside renowned Nigerian actors and actresses since he was a small boy who had support from his mother, who is also an actress.

Isaac’s self-assurance and ability to play any child part given to him has won him a reputation in the entertainment business as one of Nigeria’s most accomplished children. The future child actor is steadily growing his fan base, with over 68k followers on Instagram.

Sunday Jatto

Abdulraheem Wahab, better known by his stage name Sunday Jatto, is a successful Nollywood actor. His forthright acting style, in particular, makes people giggle. Abdulraheem Wahab has a great acting brain, and his movies are amazing. I’ve never seen his buddy act like this before. He is Nigeria’s best young actor.
Abdulraheem Wahab’s full name is Abdulraheem Wahab.

Sunday jatto is his stage name.

He was born on 12 of April 2006

Sunday Jatto age is 15 years of age

Theater is my profession.

Aunty Success

Success is one of those Nigerian children celebrities that are proud of their abilities. She shot to fame after appearing in comedic routines with Mark Angel. She joined the comedy crew in 2017 and has appeared in over 50 comedy programs since then.

The young Comedienne’s talent and interpretation of every part offered to her has made her a standout in the entertainment business with Emmanuella.

Intelligent Tope

Temitope Babatunde is a kid Instagram comedian and actor who rose to fame after starring in amusing comedy sketches with his older brother, Oluwadolarz (Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde).

Because of his intelligence and acting skills, the youngster comedian who began releasing funny comedy videos on his Instagram profile in 2016 has quickly established himself as one of Nigeria’s most popular kid comedians.


Oluwadarasimi Oluwaseun has grown to become one of the most influential Nigerian kids on Instagram.

A young girl with the name Darasimi0330 has took Instagram to share her new deal with kiddiesbykishi_collectionz.

Her photo below;

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