Desmond Elliot Biography: Age, Net Worth and Political Career

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Desmond Oluwashola Elliot (born 4 February 1974), better known as Desmond Elliot, is a well-known Nigerian actor, director, and politician.

He has appeared in over 200 films, television shows, and soap operas.

He was nominated for best supporting actor in a drama at the 2nd Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and won best supporting actor at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Desmond Elliot was elected to the Lagos State House of Assembly from the Surulere Constituency in the 2015 Nigerian General Elections.

Desmond Elliot
Desmond Elliot Biography: Age, Net Worth and Political Career
Full Name: Desmond Oluwashola Elliot
Stage Name: Desmond Elliot
Born: 4 February 1974 (age 49 years old)
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: 1.60 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Wife • Spouse: Victoria Elliot (m. 2003)
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Denzel Elliot, Desmond Elliot Junior, Donald Elliot, Dawn Elliot
Occupation: Actor • Politician
Net Worth: US$10 million

Early Life and Education

Desmond Elliot was born to a Yoruba father from Olowogbowo in Lagos Island, Lagos, and a Delta State mother from Illah in Oshimili North. Mr. and Mrs. Elliot gave birth to him on February 4, 1974.

He attended Jos’ Air Force Primary School for his primary education. He attended St. John’s College in Jos after completing his primary school education.

Desmond Elliot advanced his education by studying Economics. In 2003, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lagos State University. But that didn’t stop him from acting.


Desmond Elliot was inspired to become an actor by a friend. He began appearing in soap operas such as Everyday People, One Too Many, and Saints and Sinners.

He is a leading actor in Nollywood, having appeared in over 200 films, including Men Who Cheat, Yahoo Millionaire, and Atlanta. In 2006, he received an African Movie Academy Award nomination for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” in the film “Behind Closed Doors.”

Desmond Elliot co-produced and co-directed the film “Reloaded” in 2008, which received three nominations at the 2009 African Movie Academy Awards. He was nominated for Best Actor at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2009 and 2010.

Desmond Elliot also competed in 2010 to become an ambassador for the Face of Hope Project, a “volunteer-based non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization established to give hope to the hopeless,” in which he will work to end “child illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa at large” if he is chosen.

He was nominated for an African Movie Academy Award in 2014 for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” in the film “Finding Mercy.”

Political Career

Desmond Elliot declared his intention to run for the Lagos State House of Assembly under the All Progressives Congress in September 2014. In the 11 April 2015 Nigerian General Elections, he ran for and won the Surulere Constituency.

During the End SARS protest in October 2020, Desmond Elliot was heavily criticized for allegedly supporting the Anti-Social Media Bill in Nigeria, an allegation he previously denied when the news first surfaced on social media.

He was seen in a viral video criticizing social media users and influencers and stating that if the Nigerian state does not stop social media, social media will destroy the Nigerian state. His comments were not taken lightly by Nigerians on social media, and thus was born the popular Nigerian pidgin slang, na Desmond Elliot cause am, which means It’s Desmond Elliot’s fault.

Desmond Elliot, on the other hand, apologized a few days later. “I allowed my emotions to get the best of me,” he said, “and for that, I apologize to everyone my previous statements may have hurt.” Please keep in mind that even the best among us make mistakes.

As a result, I ask that we all try to engage constructively in the issues that affect us in the future. I promise to follow suit. My engagements and work will be driven by the pain I feel for my constituents, the calls for assistance that I continue to receive, and the need to mitigate further destruction and violence. Thank you all for sharing your perspectives, and I promise to be more conscious and aware in the future. We will work together to make Nigeria a better place.”

Personal Life

Desmond Elliot is the husband of Victoria Elliot and the father of four children. Denzel Elliot, Desmond Elliot Junior, Donald Elliot, and Dawn Elliot are the children of their marriage. He works in public relations for Globacom.

Desmond Elliot and his wife, Victoria Elliot, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on December 26, 2018.


  1. Love Castle (2021)
  2. Falling” (2015)
  3. ‘Black Val’ (2015)[24]
  4. The Department” (2015)[25]
  5. When Love Happens” (2014)
  6. ’30 Days in Atlanta’ (2014)
  7. Okon Goes to School
  8. Kamara’s Tree” (2013)
  9. Kiss and Tell” (2011)
  10. I’ll Take My Chances” (2011)
  11. Bursting Out” (2010)[26]
  12. Holding Hope” (2010)[26]
  13. Nollywood Hustlers (2010)[27]
  14. Before the Light (2009)[28]
  15. Edikan[28]
  16. Uyai (2008)
  17. Final Tussle (2008) (V)
  18. Guilty Pleasures (2008)[29]
  19. Black Night in South America (2007)
  20. A Better Place (2007)
  21. Caught-Up (2007)
  22. Double Game (2007)
  23. Fine Things (2007)
  24. Ghetto Queen (2007)
  25. Secret Pain (2007)
  26. Wind of Glory (2007) …. Clark
  27. A Time to Love (2007) …. Hank
  28. Yahoo Millionaire (2007) …. Jerry
  29. Put It on Me (2006)
  30. Asunder (2006)
  31. Men Who Cheat (2006)
  32. Behind the Plot (2006)
  33. Divided Attention (2006)
  34. Efficacy (2006)
  35. Ekaette
  36. Extreme Measure (2006) … Festus
  37. Final Point (2006)
  38. The Greatest Sacrifice (2006)
  39. King of the Town (2006)[30]
  40. Love Wins (2006) …. Austin
  41. Married to the Enemy (2006)
  42. My Little Secret (2006)
  43. My Sister My Love (2006) …. Jar
  44. Naked Sin (2006)
  45. Romeo (2006)
  46. Strange Love (2006)
  47. Supremacy (2006)
  48. Too Late to Claim (2006)
  49. Traumatised (2006)
  50. Unbreakable Affair (2006)
  51. Up to Me (2006)
  52. Without Apology (2006)
  53. The Wolves (2006)
  54. Zoza (2006)
  55. A Night in the Philippines (2005)[31]
  56. 2 Face (2005)
  57. Behind Closed Doors (2005)
  58. The Bet (2005)
  59. Broadway (2005)
  60. Destiny’s Challenge (2005)
  61. Flying Without Wings (2005)
  62. Fools in Love (2005)
  63. Games Women Play (2005)
  64. Girls in the Hood (2005)
  65. Hold Me Down (2005)
  66. It’s Juliet or No One (2005)
  67. Just Me (2005)
  68. The King’s Son (2005)
  69. Knowing You (2005)
  70. Men Do Cry (2005)
  71. My Precious Son (2005)
  72. My Sister My Child (2005)
  73. My Sister’s Act (2005)
  74. Now & Forever (2005)
  75. Orange Groove (2005)
  76. The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005)
  77. Shackles of Death (2005)
  78. Wedding Gift (2005)
  79. Wheel of Change (2005)
  80. Images in the Mirror (2004) …. Deji[32]
  81. Above Love (2004)
  82. Atlanta (2004)
  83. Big Pretenders (2004)
  84. Cinderella (2004)
  85. Danger Signal (2004)
  86. Deep Loss (2004)
  87. Died to Save (2004)
  88. Discord (2004)
  89. For Real (2004)
  90. A Kiss from Rose (2004)
  91. Lake of Fire (2004) …. Brother Emmanuel
  92. Life in New York (2004)
  93. Magic Moment (2004)
  94. Melody of Life (2004)
  95. Missing Angel (2004)
  96. Passion of Mind (2004)
  97. Power of Trust (2004)
  98. Promise & Fail (2004)
  99. True Romance (2004)
  100. Great Change (2003)
  101. Magic Love (2003)
  102. My Faithful Friend (2003)
  103. Passion & Pain (2003)
  104. Tunnel of Love (2003)
  105. Fire Love (2002)
  106. Jesu Mushin (2002)

TV Shows

  1. Everyday People (Soap Opera)[34]
  2. One Too Much (Soap Opera)
  3. Saints and Sinners (Soap Opera)
  4. Santalal
  5. Super Story

Net Worth

The net worth of Desmond Elliot is estimated to be $10 million. He is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest actors.

Desmond Elliot amassed the majority of his wealth and fortune after appearing in over 200 films. He is married and the father of four children. He works in public relations for Globacom.

Social Media

Photo Gallery

Desmond Elliot Biography: Age, Net Worth and Political Career

Desmond Elliot Biography: Age, Net Worth and Political Career

Desmond Elliot Biography: Age, Net Worth and Political Career

Desmond Elliot Biography: Age, Net Worth and Political Career

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