Disgusting food – Singer Lynxxx lambast popular online vendors after he was served Amala garnished with hair strand

Nigeria music star, Lynxxx  has called out popular online vendors, Jumia Foods and Chopnownow Lagos, for serving him a ‘disgusting meal’.

In a now deleted post, Lynxx alleged that he found hair strands in the meal that he ordered from Jumia Foods

Furious with the development, Lynxxx made a video, slamming the food vendor, claiming that the quality of food they are selling to their customers is beyond disguising.

Sharing the video, Lynxxx encouraged his fans and followers to share and tag the company to prevent them from getting away with their wrong doings.

See screenshots

KFN recalls that Lynxxx who in the past years had made it known that he turned his life to Christ for good was seen smoking at a public event.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, the Fine Lady singer has cleared the air on why it meant nothing for Christians to smoke. He said “It is not a sin to drink (alcohol). What was Jesus’ first miracle in the Bible? He turned water to wine. I still hang out with my old friends in the entertainment industry.”

But can he now be safely described as a gospel artiste, Lynxxx addresses the topic saying, “I am born-again, but I am not doing gospel music and I don’t do secular music again too. I cannot call myself a minister of God just because I performed at a gospel show. I don’t have a name for my kind of music. If I feel like praising God today, I will make a song about God, and it doesn’t necessarily mean I am a gospel artiste.”

On why he has not released any new music, Lynxxx said, “I took a break because I needed to focus on business and my new found relationship with God in 2015. You could have a career but also have goals that might not be in line with what you do for a living. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices and focus on other things before you get back to what you are known for,”

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