Eedris Abdulkareem makes lifetime commitment to wife after successful kidney transplant

Nigerian singer, Eedris Abdulkareem has penned a heartfelt note to his wife, Yetunde and Nigerians following his successful kidney transplant.

knowledgebase news had earlier reported that the singer was diagnosed with kidney failure, according to his friend and colleague Myke Pam.

In a statement released on behalf of Eedris’ Lakreem Entertainment, Myke Pam said the ‘Nigeria Jaga Jaga’ singer was undergoing dialysis at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos.

He added that a kidney transplant was scheduled to be done at the end of July.

The statement reads: “The Nigerian Hip Hop Czar, Social Crusader and Rights Activist, Eedris Abdulkareem of “Nigeria Jaga Jaga” fame needs the sincere and unalloyed prayers of all Nigerians and his fans around the world in these hours of his travails.

“The Lakreem Entertainment Inc. boss has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and has been undergoing dialysis since the detection at a reputable hospital here in Lagos, Nigeria..”. Read more here.

In an update to his transplant, MI Abaga revealed that the singer’s wife had volunteered to donate one of her kidneys to him.

MI had asked Nigerians to donate and help Eedris recover, adding that the singer was undergoing dialysis in a Lagos hospital and was scheduled to have a transplant by the end of July.

He mentioned that the kidney to be transplanted was donated by a family member which happened to be his beautiful wife.

Hours ago, knowledgebase news reported that Eedris had successfully undergone his kidney transplant.

Breaking his silence, the singer appreciated Nigerians for the overwhelming love he received.

“Thank you God.

I am specifically giving Thanks and Praise to the Almighty God for my successful kidney transplant surgery over the weekend…..may HIS Holy Name be Glorified forever and forever. Words cannot express my love, devotion, and commitment to my adorable, loving, supportive, and compassionate wife, Yetunde, with whom God Has made my life complete….baby. I will always Love, cherish and adore you forever. My awesome, lovely children, God Has harkened to your fervent prayers….daddy and mummy will be coming home hale and hearty soon.

To my extended family, recording company Lakreem Entertainment, my crew, friends, fans and we’ll wishers, I say God Has done it for us again, and I will be seeing you guys soon. I am dropping this first note in appreciation of God’s Love and Infinite Blessings, for pulling me and my wife through all this, I will do an extensive shout-out as the time goes on. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!”.

knowledgebase news recalls that Eedris Abdulkareem had given an update on his health status from his hospital bed.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Eedris shares a video from his hospital bed where he was undergoing his weekly dialysis regime.

He appreciated his colleagues, friends, fans, and loved ones who have reached out to him and his family in support.

He thanked them for their assistance, kind gestures, and get well soon wishes, and prayers.

Eedris Abdulkareem however assured his fans that he would be better.

“Hello everybody my name is Eedris Abdulkareem. I want to thank you all for your prayers and support and I want you all to know that I am going to come out of it successfully. Thank you for your love and support I really appreciate you all, love you so much. Today I am in my dialysis session and it takes 3 to 4 hours, after the dialysis, I go out to do my daily activities but I am strong in body, spirit and soul. Thank you, I want you to know that your prayers are accepted”.

Eedris Abdulkareem makes lifetime commitment to wife after successful kidney transplant

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