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Chris Ivery (born February 4, 1967) is a renowned American record producer and songwriter with real name Christopher Ivery.

He is prominent in the media space for being the husband of the celebrated Ellen Pompeo.

When music is not handy, Chris Ivery made also made a living as a businessman.

Chris Ivery
Full Name:Christopher Ivery
Stage Name:Chris Ivery
Born:February 4, 1967 (age 54 years old)
Place of Birth:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Children:Sienna May Pompeo Ivery, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery
Height:1.88 m
Wife • Spouse:Ellen Pompeo (m. 2007)
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Occupation:Record Producer • Businessman
Net Worth:US$70 million

Early Life

Chris Ivery was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on February 4, 1968.

He is a 54-year-old man.

Chris Ivery‘s mother is Jewish, and his family celebrates Jewish festivals such as Hanukkah and Passover.

This still occurs even though he was not raised in a religious home.


Chris Ivery studied at Harvard University.


Chris Ivery has 25 years of experience as a music producer. Cheers (Drink To That), a song he created, was used on the soundtrack for the TV show, Smash.

On the MTV prank reality show, Punk’d, he pranked his wife. Chris Ivery also made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight, a chat show.

On the other hand, Chris Ivery opted to change careers at the age of 50 and work in the clothes sector. Sergio Tacchini, his favorite Italian sportswear label, has debuted in Los Angeles. The STLA Collection, his apparel line, debuted in 2019.

Personal Life

Chris Ivery is married to an actress Ellen Pompeo; a famous actress renowned for her role in Grey’s Anatomy.

They have three kids; Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery (September 15, 2009), Sienna May Pompeo Ivery (2014), and Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery (December 29, 2016). His second-born, Sienna May Pompeo Ivery, was born through surrogacy.

Net Worth

According to a famous media publication, Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo (his wife) have a combined net worth of US$70 million

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