The teenager just committed to a long-term contract with the Reds after playing a crucial part in the team’s arguably successful campaign last year.

Attacker Harvey Elliott of Liverpool has discussed how Egypt captain Mohamed Salah is assisting him in growing as a player and elevating his performance.

After agreeing to a new long-term contract, the 19-year-old just extended his time at the organization. The 22 senior appearances made last season, when the Re

“Particularly Mohamed Salah, who always assigns me new tasks to complete. He always tells me to follow him while he works out or trains so he can assist me as I go along. Everyone has done it in the journey thus far, as I said, and they are all willing to assist whoever.”

The adolescent thinks the 2022–2023 campaign, which has already begun, is another chance to prove his value.

“I believe that this is the most significant season of my life. I believe that both the team and I, individually, have much to prove “Elliot went on.

ds won the League and FA Cups, earned the player a new contract.

When asked who has influenced his time at Anfield, the young player immediately mentioned Jordan Henderson and the Pharaohs‘ forward.

“To be completely honest, they’ve all done it. They have all supported me on my journey. Elliott told the club’s website, “But I believe I would say more Salah and the skip, to be fair – Hendo.

“It is more considerate in their places and around their playing qualities simply because I have been playing on that right side for the past few games. Therefore, for me, it is the two who have assisted me, pulled me aside, and advised me to do this or attempt this.

“Sadly, we failed to capture either the Premier League or the Champions League last year. It was disappointing for us because we were so close, but I think this season will be important for the club and for me personally.

“It will always be a significant season. A season will always be full of pressure and ups and downs, no matter where you play in your football career.

It’s all up to you to manage the situation and deliver while under pressure, especially at Liverpool.

The English teenager added that he considers it a honour to represent the team and that he will go above and above to demonstrate how much he values donning the Reds jersey.

“There’s no place for slacking or not performing to the best of your skills in such a huge club, there are world-class players surrounding the team, so there’s always something in the back of my mind,” he continued.

At the same time, playing for Liverpool has always been a pleasure and a dream of mine, so I strive to constantly give 110 percent and go the extra mile to please the supporters and demonstrate how much Liverpool means to me and how much I care about it.


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