Odunlade Adekola

Awards And Recognition

He is an award-winning actor and few of his awards include;

  • Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2009
  • Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2011
  • The Best Actor in a Leading Role, Yoruba Movie Academy Awards (YMMA), 2012
  • Best Actor of the Year, Africa Movie Academy Award, 2014
  • Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2014
  • The Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2015
  • Best Actor (Indigenous), Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2015
  • Movie Personality of the Year (Male), City People Movie Awards, 2017
  • Best Actor, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2018
  • Best Actor in a Comedy ‘A Million Baby’, Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, 2018
  • Actor of the Year, Independent Achievers Award, 2019
  • Most Searched Actor, NET Honours AWard, 2019

Odunlade Adekola Net Worth

Naijaquest.com estimated his net worth to be $1.9 million. He is a popular Yoruba actor and has signed several endorsement deals. In 2015, he became one of the new Globacom ambassadors along with Dija, O C Ukeje, Reedado Bankz, Mama-G, Bovi, A.Y, and Wizkid.

Also, he signed an endorsement deal with Conoil along with Flavour, Helen Paul and Omawumi in 2016.

Odun is also an ambassador to Goldberg. And in 2018, he became an ambassador to a real estate firm, Revolution Plus Property. Additionally, he was endorsed by Ayoola Foods in 2019.

Odun is the CEO and founder of Odunlade Adekola Film Productions (OAFP). It is a film school where upcoming actors and actresses receive professional trainings.

Odunlade Adekola Quotes

“One should never get tired of seeking knowledge because the world is dynamic and ever-changing.”

“After learning for a period, it is only normal to celebrate your efforts. It is a wonderful thing to start a project and finish it; because not everyone is able to do that.”

“Knowledge gathering is a continuous process; it never stops.”

“As we grow older, we realise that challenges are only normal things that happen as one progresses in life.”

“There is always a price to pay for whatever you want to achieve in life.”

“…whatever the government does not support would have a hard time succeeding.”

“If one is not appreciated where he comes from, it would be hard for outsiders to support you.”

“People have different interests and what they look out for. That a woman makes up her face or uses jewelry doesn’t mean she’s not a wife material.”

“If you think you have not made it today to your expectation, check what you are doing. If you are good with it, keep doing it.”

“Talent is incomparable.”

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Life Of Odunlade Adekola


Odunlade is one of the versatile actors we have in the industry. He got into the industry as a result of the very first test he was given. He was told to act like a mad man, and to the greatest surprise of his spectators, he did it within a twinkle of an eye. Also, Odun is able to function in any role he is given.

Any business man that is versatile can pull many strings beyond reasonable imagination.

Ride on your fame.

Few years back, Adekola ventured into the music industry. According to him, he started music at teen age and was composing songs for his church. Today he is a musician because he utilized the already existing prominence to actualise his musical dreams.

Entrepreneurs should also learn to annex all our dreams with existing opportunities, because people may never know what you have to offer until you start showcasing it.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, let us help you get through it with our services.

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