A self-styled clergyman, identified as Pastor Igomowe, has told Christians to increase the offering they give in church in light of the ongoing global inflation.

The man, speaking in a video shared online, said the price of almost everything, including food and house rent, has increased sporadically in recent times yet some Christians are still giving the same offering in church.

Lamenting over how the situation is affecting pastors who are dependent on the offerings, tithes and freewill offering they receive from their congregants, Pastor Igomowe told Christians to increase their offerings.

The man of God also pointed out that his neck are sunken because he’s not receiving enough money from his church members.

In other news, a Nigerian lady has shared how she was broke-shamed by a group of guys in a Benz for boarding an Okada (commercial motorcycle) after refusing to give them her number.

The young men had earlier asked the lady for her phone number at a joint where they had first met, but she refused them and left the location.

However, moments later, they spotted her on a commercial motorcycle, popularly known as Okada, and decided to make fun of her.

The boys were heard shouting “how e be now, see who dey form,” repeatedly as they followed her okada in the video she posted online.

She claimed the boy made a video of her on the Okada and shared it on their Instagram pages.

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