Get More Than 1000 Likes on Photos By Using Best Facebook Working Auto Liker in 2019

Do you feel covetous when your friends or relatives grab more likes for their Facebook post than yours? Do you also need an enormous amount of likes for your photos or status you update? Then you are one right page which certainly helps you to hike up your Facebook likes automatically. Auto liker helps you to grab unlimited likes, followers, and free friend requests automatically for free. The procedure for getting auto like is simple. All you have to do is copy the URL of the profile picture on Facebook auto liker. Some website has auto likes without access token feature, so use those websites and check your experience.

Do Facebook auto liker websites and app harmful?

When I give a detailed explanation of auto liker websites for increasing fb likes, I think it is sincere to say that sometimes these websites may harm your Facebook account. As Facebook warns, this is not the right method to gain likes to your updates. If a user crosses the narrow sea of using auto liker websites, sometimes it might cause irreparable disability or sometimes your account may get restricted on Facebook. In addition to this, some auto liker website may disclose your identity to third parties. Before continue using fb autoliker, please read the issues of using these third party websites.

#1:- High Chance for temporary ban

There is a high risk that your account may suffer temporary ban as Facebook is keen to all those spammers and fake account holders. It is good only if you keep a friendly atmosphere with others for a successful online business and Facebook knows it better than anyone. Let me give you some side effects of temporary ban:

  1. Blocking from posting in groups.
  2. Blocking from commenting and giving likes to photos and status.
  3. Permanent disabling of your account.

Twice you hit temporary ban, your account is strictly monitored for further actions. Once they found small offenses in future, they will permanently block your account. They will never give it back nor reply to your emails. If you were connected your Credit Cards or other personal identification, you will not able to create another account with same ID’s. So be cautious.

#2:- You became No.1 spammer to your friends

An auto liker website or app promote itself or paid ads automatically by sharing links, photo, status to your own or your friends timeline while you are using it. These things happen on name of your own personal account, disgusting right? And at last, there is big chance that you may hold the first position of the best spammer to your friends.

Let me explain this with an example. There will be hundreds or thousands of people, connected to an autoliker website or app. All of them do some actions (Like, Comment, Share, Follow etc) each other automatically. So you do these actions for others and get these actions back. While making likes and comments on other posts, your friends get a notification. Sometimes the content you like or share may be adult or another inappropriate one. Definitely, you will be the No. 1 spammer to your friends.

#3:- Your Account may get hacked

An auto liker app or website uses access token for login procedure. And when you people are using this, the Facebook notifies you with a security warning saying that these access tokens are treated as your password. Additionally, you will be giving likes and comments for photos and status of people that you even don’t know, might be people from other nations. If it happens, you are hacked!

There are some website asking you to login to Facebook account through their websites for using autolikers. There will be login form which looks like Facebook. But those fields steals your credentials. Access tokens you serve to these websites will get expired after a couple of hours. Still if you are liking and sharing others stuffs, its clear stage of account misuse. You can check your activity log for more details. So I strongly recommend you to change your password after using autolikers.

#4:- Auto liker Likes are easily noticeable and may effect your reputation

I think from above all effects, this one stands apart. If one of your close friends get a sudden hike in likes for his or her updates on Facebook, certainly you feel doubtful and if you come to know that it is because of auto liker websites or apps, will you have the same respect for your friend as before? Absolutely NO.

So what is the solution? It is better not to use Facebook auto liker for your original account. Using token number to get likes is also not safe as these websites may use that token number to access that account, a procedure which equals hacking. So here in this article, I am going to discuss some of the best auto liker websites which can make your friends envious on you.

Best Autoliker Websites that can quick boost your fb likes

Most of these websites are listed based on their Alexa Rank. Good alex rank means the website receiving more traffic. So you will get more likes by using these websites.

Hublaa auto liker is easy to use and is one of the best auto liker website to grab like to your updates on Facebook. This website is completely spam free as they are not going to spam on your account. Its free and one hundred percent safe. One can gather almost 250 plus instant likes for your profile photo or status. Yet another feature of customize like is also added to Hublaa which will allow one to get 20-200 likes per one submit. Additionally, one can select custom post liker, auto custom photo liker too. Moreover, Hublaa comes with auto liker app for android users, interesting right?

My second pick from the list is which can hike your post likes within in a go. It is a hundred percent safe Facebook auto liker website which would give 350 plus likes or 50 plus comments on each Facebook status of yours. One can also get likes on fan page status, photo or on custom post. They use secured hosting and also they check the advertiser pages before using their services. Additionally, they come with customer support which makes this auto liker website different from others. For a faster login one can download app from google play store.


Another auto liker website roll out in the market which can provide auto likes to your profile picture, status videos and more. In an effortless way they can provide at least 300 plus like for your each post. Also one can increase their likes at most to 20000 for each single post. If you are an Android user you can download dj liker app which can give fast and safe auto likes. It also provide multi comments on public post. The customer support feature adds to the excitement of getting auto likes.

Machine liker is another auto liker website which cost nothing when you snatch likes and comments for your Facebook updates. They claim that you don’t have take the trouble of deleting unwanted posts as there is no picture of disclosure, no selling of your data and no logging unwanted data. You can get likes almost up to 15K while using this service. One have to make sure that your Facebook followers are enabled while getting likes. If you see, “404 not found”, it means that you are able to access token and can generate unlimited likes. They also provide application for android users.

This is a little bit different Facebook auto liker website as it provides Facebook tools like Facebook Auto Follower, Facebook Auto Requester, Multi Group And Page Poster, Auto liker/Auto Comments and many more in free. Facebook auto requester tool will add several friend requests to your account and you can show your demand and popularity by using the tool. Auto page poster tool allows you to share your text/image/link post in multiple pages in 1 click.

Apart from the above list of autolikers, there are other well known working websites. You can also check the following websites a try.

So these are the best picks from my part and all the mentioned Facebook auto liker sites can amuse anyone with its capability to gain likes for a single post. Now don’t be resentful on others, let them get greedy of likes that you seize.


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