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Fausat Balogun Biography

Fausat Balogun (Madam Saje, born February 13, 1959) is a Veteran Yoruba film actress and producer.

Madam Saje has been in the Movie industry since 1975, but she got well-known following her outstanding performance in the renowned Yoruba TV series Erin Kee Kee in 1990.

Fausat Balogun is well-known for her motherly roles in Yoruba films, and her talent is widely recognized.

Fausat Balogun Biography
Fausat Balogun: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name:Fausat Balogun
Stage Name:Mama Saje
Born:13 February 1959 (age 62 years old)
Place of Birth:Ifelodun, Kwara, Nigeria
State Of Origin:Kwara State
Children:Bintu Balogun, Balogun Azeez
Spouse • Husband:Rafiu Balogun
Occupation:Actress • Filmmaker
Net Worth:$950,000

Early Life

On February 13, 1959, Fausat Balogun was born.

She is from Oke Ode, a small community in the Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria’s south-west.

She grew up in Lagos with a middle-class family and belongs to the Yoruba ethnicity.

In Kwara state, south-west Nigeria, the Yoruba-born grew up in an Islamic home.

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At this time, no information regarding Fausat Balogun‘s educational history is known.

However, it is well known that the veteran attended school in Kwara, Nigeria’s south-west.


Fausat Balogun began her profession as an actor at a young age. She began in the 1990s, after completing her basic school education.

She received her experience and instruction from the late Mashado’s Yoruba theatre troupe, “Ijamodi,” which was based in the Idumota region of Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Later, she received additional training from Rafiu Balogun of the “Balogun” theatre troupe, an accomplished movie producer.

Fausat Balogun‘s first outfield appearance was in “Afonja,” a Nigerian Television Network Authority (NTA) Channel 10 Production produced and televised by the Nigerian Television Network Authority (NTA).

Fausat Balogun rose to prominence in 1979 when she appeared in “Abeni Ajagun,” a television series produced by her husband, Rafiu Balogun. The film received great reviews and was crucial for launching her to prominence.

She returned to another successful comedy series, “Erin Kee Kee,” which was once again a fan favorite, and soon enough, her fans began referring to her as Madam Saje, the character she played in the film.

Her experience in the industry developed, inspiring her to form her own production company, which she did with the late Prince Alade Aromire‘s film “Alaroka.” She then went on to star in “Oro Itan” and “Ebi Dapo,” two more films.

Fausat Balogun‘s dedication to the expansion of the Yoruba film industry caught the notice of City People Entertainment, who honored her at the 2016 awards night for her contributions to the industry’s growth.

Social Media

Fausat Balogun also takes time out of her busy schedule to thank and interact with her social media supporters.

She can be found on the following social media platforms:

@sajetiologa on Instagram
Fausat Balogun on Facebook

Personal Life

Fausat Balogun has been married to a Yoruba actor named Rafiu Balogun, who is also a prominent movie producer, since 1979.

So far, their marriage has produced two children: Afeez Balogun, a son, and Bintu Balogun, a daughter.

Her children are also talented Nollywood actors who have appeared in a number of Yoruba films.

Fausat Balogun was a devout Muslim for most of her life before converting to Christianity and becoming an Evangelist.

Fausat Balogun Net Worth

Fausat Balogun is a well-known and admired Yoruba actress.

She’s been around for a long time and has amassed a net worth of $950,000. She is a film producer as well as an actress.

Fausat Balogun Filmography

Fausat Balogun is a skilled Yoruba actress who has appeared in over 80 films, including some of the most recent Yoruba films.

Fausat Balogun has appeared in the following films:

  • Nkan Okounkun
  • Itelorun
  • Adufe
  • Leyin Akponle
  • Iyawo Ojokan
  • Gbogbo Lomo
  • Eto Obinrin
  • Laba Laba
  • Omo Elemosho
  • Ife kobami
  • Asepamo
  • Oyelaja
  • Owo Onibara
  • Okan Mi
  • Akebaje
  • Ladigbolu
  • Morenike
  • Oko Mama E
  • Tanimola
  • Nkan Okunkun
  • Adufe
  • Leyin Akponle
  • Laba Laba
  • Itelorun
  • Omo Elemosho
  • Iyawo Ojokan
  • Ife Kobami
  • Gbogbo Lomo
  • Asepamo
  • Eto Obinrin
  • Iyawo Elenu Razor
  • Kokoro Ate
  • Omoge Elepa
  • Olaitan Anikura
  • Oju Elegba
  • Langbodo
  • Ologo Nla
  • Abgara Obinrin

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