Genesis Lopez Biography: and Everything to Know About Her

Genesis Lopez Biography

Genesis Mia Lopez (born July 15, 1993) is a fitness model and social media star from the United States.

She is a stunning lady who has worked hard to sculpt her body into an exceptional shape that many people adore.

She is also a business owner and a brand influencer.

Early Life

Genesis Lopez was born in Miami on July 15, 1993. She is originally from Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Lopez are her parents. She is of Japanese and Brazilian descent. She’s Latina.

Genesis Lopez wanted to be a model since she was a little girl. Her parents were not surprised because she is a really attractive lady.

She is a huge fan of Italian cuisine, and her favourite vacation location is the French city of Paris.

Genesis Lopez Education

Genesis Lopez attended top private institutions in Miami for elementary and high school.

She attended Florida State University after graduating from high school and earned a bachelor’s degree after four years of study.


Genesis Lopez began going to the gym at the age of seventeen to work out consistently and get her physique into the form she desired.

She created an account on the social media app Instagram in 2016 and began uploading images of herself working out at the gym. It didn’t take long for her images to go viral, and she quickly earned a large number of fans on her Facebook.

Genesis Lopez was then contacted by modeling firms in Miami who offered her jobs. In the United States, she has worked as a commercial model for several brands.

She has also appeared on the covers of several top fitness magazines in the United States.

She is currently signed to a top modeling agency in the US and has appeared in several ads and media campaigns in the past five years.

In order to maintain her body shape, Genesis Lopez adheres to a strict diet. She doesn’t eat processed sugary foods and flour. While foods like fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits are what make up the bulk of her diet.

She is also a business owner and the CEO of Haute Athletics Company. Her company is known for assisting clients all around the world in staying fit and achieving their desired body shapes through training schedules and specific food regimens.

She is a brand ambassador for Bang Energy Drink and Bares Swimwears in the United States.

Photos and Biography of an American fitness model, Genesis Mia Lopez

Social Media

As one of the top American Influencers, Genesis Lopez has over 4.8m followers.

Her Official Instagram and TikTok handle is @genesislopezofficial

Personal Life

Her modeling and brand influencing occupations earn her a lot of money. As a result, she may live in an affluent apartment in Miami and drive an exotic car. She is currently alone after ending a three-year romance with an attractive young man. Her ex-lover, like her, is a fitness devotee. She has not yet found a new spouse.

Genesis Lopez is not married, and she has not publicly displayed a new partner or husband.

Genesis Lopez Age

Genesis Lopez is a 29-year-old woman. She enjoys wearing bikinis. Brad Pitt is her favorite actor, and Jennifer Lawrence is her favorite actress.

Genesis Lopez Height and Weight

She is 5’6″ (168 cm) tall. 1.68 meters tall and weighing 62 kg (136 pounds).

Genesis Lopez Biography

Net Worth

Genesis Lopez, a stunning American celebrity, has an estimated net worth of $100,000-$500,000.

Genesis Lopez

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