Ginimbi Is Yet To Be Buried But His Brother Wants To Turn His Mansion Into A Hotel

A dead man has no say in issues concerning his assets and can’t decide what is going to be used for. It seems to be happening in the case of Zimbabwean millionaire, Ginimbi.

Recall that Ginimbi and three others died in a gory accident after returning from a party two days ago. There has been ongoing talks about what his properties will be used for.

An Instagram blog called Zimcelebs_tv revealed that Ginimbi’s brother, Darlington Kadungure has decided to turn his brother’s mansion which worth thousands of dollars into a hotel.

According to Zimcelebs_tv, Ginimbi brother Darlington Kadungure, said his late brother’s mansion will be turned into a hotel. The mansion is said to be worth several thousands of dollars.







In actual fact, Ginimbi would never have thought of turning h is plush mansion into a hotel however he is no more and his brother is already planning out about his properties.


All that he earned has been left for others to take care of.


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