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Glenn Villeneuve Biography

Glenn Villeneuve (born August 18, 1969) lodge life has interested many individuals who enjoyed the idea of living far away from human progress.

He is a reality television personality and nomadic hunter from the United States.

This man had his show named Life Below Zero, where he talked pretty much every one of the parts of the resource residing and showed his regular battles.

Glenn Villeneuve Biography
Glenn Villeneuve Biography
Glenn Villeneuve: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name:Glenn Villeneuve
Born:18 August 1969 (age 52 years old)
Place of Birth:Burlington, Vermont, United States
Height:1.95 m
Wife • Spouse:Trisha Kazan, Silvia Daeumichen (m. 2001-2013)
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Children:Willow Leaves, Wolf Song
Occupation:Nomadic Hunter • TV Personality
Net Worth:US$900,000

Glenn Villeneuve Early Life

Glenn Villeneuve was born on the 18th of August, 1969, which makes him 52 years old. He hails from Burlington, Vermont, United States. He grew up with an affection for the outside and nature, as he was brought up in a house close to timberland in Vermont, a long way from the closest town.

His family hated being near development, and because of their area, there weren’t any schools close by. He was instructed at home, figuring out how to peruse, compose, and convey, among numerous different illustrations, with his folks as instructors.

He cherished being in contact with nature, figuring out how to observe creatures, the climate and plants, and numerous occasions.

As he developed into a grown-up, he began to carry on a more typical life closer to urban areas and others. Notwithstanding, Glenn Villeneuve still yearned for the freedom that nature brought him; during the 1990s, he found out about Alaska and concluded that he would move there.


At a certain point in 1999, the courageous man Glenn Villeneuve moved to Alaska, where he settled down in the humble community of Chandalar, which is found 200 miles north of Fairbanks, and chose to reside in the wild. He characterizes himself as a wanderer, which implies an individual without fixed residence who regularly moves inside a similar region.



This not really settled tracker was seen by the creative group of Life Below Zero, a TV show sent off in May 2013 on National Geographic Channel. It depicted the day-to-day routines of a couple of means trackers, who resided far away from development and picked Alaska as their home place. Other fundamental characters in the show were;

  • Sue Aikens – the primary inhabitant of Kavir waterway camp in Northern Alaska
  • Jessie Holmes – the angler and tracker who lives with 40 sleddogs and races with them
  • Chip Hailstone and Agnes Hailstone – the couple with seven kids that live on the Kobuk River, near the Arctic Circle
  • Andy Bassich – the one who lives on Yukon River with 25 sleddogs
  • Ricko DeWilde – the Alaskan Native inhabitant who lives in a neglected lodge near Huslia
  • Erik Salitan – the young fellow who lives in Wiseman and is dedicated to the wild.

Today, Glenn Villeneuve Life Below Zero is all around acquainted with the means way of life. For quite a long time, he has been teaching individuals pretty much every one of the advantages of his method of living. Despite everything, it very well may be truly hazardous now and again. For example, he once endures wolf assaults.

Personal Life

Glenn Villeneuve later got married to Trisha Kazan following a couple of long periods of online dating. They gave birth to a girl in the year 2014 after being hitched for quite a long time.

According to his past dating history, his first spouse was a German drama artist named Silvia Daeumichen. They got hitched in the year 2001 and moved to Alaska to investigate wild locales.

The couple got separated in 2013. They have two kids together who are Willow Leaves and Wolf Song.

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth

Glenn Villeneuve has an essential piece of around 80 episodes on Life Below Zero. He has been a piece of the show beginning around 2013, highlighting 11 seasons.

Glenn Villeneuve left the show last year, which was uncovered in a web-based media post. Additionally, as of now, Glenn Villeneuve‘s net worth is assessed at US$900,000.

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