A viral video has captured the heartwarming moment some child beggars contributed money for their benefactor after he told them he was hungry.

The young man, who often gives the children cash gifts whenever he sees them begging on the streets, decided to tell them he was hungry and didn’t have any money to eat, to see their reaction.

Heartwarming moment child beggars contributed money for man who often gives them cash (Video)

The moment the youngsters learnt their benefactor was hungry, they contributed money from what they had made that day and handed it over to him to get food.

He shook hands with each of the kids and praised them for their thoughtful act. However, he returned the money and gave each of them a N1,000 note to share.

The endearing video received beautiful comments on social media, with many people applauding the children.

Reacting an Instagram user @debbie_gowal wrote, “That’s so kind of them… but just look at this little kids, fending for themselves?”

@mcfranciq, “Awww so beautiful , I pray God brings them out of this situation”.

@timblaze_, “We all use to be this pure and sweet🥹, nah this life just show us pepper.”

@mrlilgaga, “They have a heart of Gold”.

Watch video below,