Femi Adebayo Lateef is a very popular Yoruba actor  who took after his Father, who is an successful, well to do actor, film director and also a movie producer.

He is also a script writer and a lawyer, he is known for his notable role in movies like Atona produced in the year 2009, Ladies Gang in the year 2011, Omo pupa in 2008 and most importantly Jelili in the year 2011.


Femi Adebayo Lateef originated from Ilorin Kwara state but he was born and brought up in Lagos state Nigeria.

He was given birth into a large polygamous family and his very own father has many children also and according to him most of Oga Bello’s children are graduates.

Femi Adebayo maintains a good relationship with his father and holds great deal of respect for him.


He got married to his only  wife in the year 2015, the woman also had his first 3 kids. He claimed he broke it off with her because she was not in agreement with his profession.

There was a rumor one time that he was romantically attached with an actress Funke Akindele and then he voiced out  that they are just mutual friends and she has nothing to do with his issues in his home.


Femi Lateef Adebayo studied Law in the University of Ilorin. After that he proceeded in getting a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts.

Adebayo’s ambition for a very long time since when he was a kid was to be a very good lawyer. His father, Oga bello is a very supportive father especially when it comes to his children’s career. And he does not bother himself with any career they choose to study, since that is what they want, he gives them his 100% attention and support.

Femi Adebayo’s love for acting was built in him, when he saw his father on the TV for the very first time. Then when he grew up he subsequently loving acting. His father noticed his interest in acting and decided to give him 100% support in every area he choose, even after he finished with his Law degree.

Femi Adebayo’s father influenced him indirectly to be a better and successful actor.

Awards & Endorsement Deals

As at 1996, Femi Lateef Adebayo, won an award for Best Upcoming Actor of the year 1996. Ever since then, he has won several awards as the Best Yoruba Actor of the year.

In the year 2015, he was privilege to be awarded the Best Movie Producer of the year (Yoruba) at the City People Entertainment. He then, attached his signature to a multi-millionaire naira endorsement deal with Trophy Beer as a Brand Ambassador.

He is the Managing Director, founder and Chief Executive of J-15 Media Network Nigeria. He is also the Special Adviser to the Governor of Kwara State on Arts, Tourism and Culture.


Femi Lateef Adebayo had his first movie role as Tade Ogidan in a film titled “Owoblow” which was produced in 1995. Since this success, Femi Adebayo has gone on to become a household name as far as Yoruba Movies are concerned.

He has been starred in hundreds of Yoruba/English movies (home videos) and has also won the hearts of a lot of people in Nigeria and abroad, who are fans of Yoruba movies.

He has gone on to star in movies like:

  • Shola fe Pami
  • Ikan
  • Inu
  • Ogologo
  • Fitila
  • Ile
  • Decemberomi
  • Ologba
  • Idanwo
  • Aranbada
  • Agbara Obinrin
  • Ole and many more

He was also a host to other movies especially in 2006, when he produced a movie titled “Idanwo”. He has acted several Nollywood English movies like Survival of Jelili, Death Island, Diamonds in the sky, December 1st, Ladies Gang, and many more.

Also, he established a film school for those interested in acting named J-15 School of Performing Arts, located in Ibadan. The school has produced over 150 granduates since its inception. Some are even lecturers of Theatre Arts in various Universities in the country.

Net Worth

Femi Lateef Adebayo is one of the richest and influential Yoruba actors with an estimated net worth of $900,000.

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