How MC Oluomo, Ibrahim Chatta, Kunle Afod, Kemi Korede, other socialites help built house for Dejo’s kids (Video)

It has been revealed that MC Oluomo, Ibrahim Chatta, Kunle Afod, Kemi Korede, and other socialities have a huge contribution to the house built for Dejo Tunfulu’s children.

According to his colleague, veteran actor Remmy Shitta, when Dejo died, the land he have is located in a swamp area, they contributed money and buy another land where he was buried.

Shortly after he was buried, some of them decided to raise funds and build house on the land with the help of some socialites and some of their colleagues.=

Remmy Shita revealed at the artiste nite event organized to honor and pays last respect to veteran comic actor Dejo Tufulu who died a few months back.


Watch the video below:


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