during a popular actress Foluke Daramola Salako,  Gala Event and Awards for veterans in the movie industry and one of the ‘A’-list veterans in attendance was Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello.

In his speech, he said a lot about the problems that the industry is facing right now.

He said: “People have said so many things including Foluke Daramola, Yomi Fabiyi and Yomi Fash-Lanso but I’m just going to add a little”.  The cause of all the problems we have in the industry is  “Rebellion” Envy” and “Backbiting”.  Please let us stop all these things. Back in the days when we started acting, we loved ourselves genuinely. All these veterans, we all meet at the location and at late Ogunde’s place.

We ate together and did a lot of things together. We knew where each of us stayed. We passed the night at one another’s houses, depending on the location of the job we had. If we have a job in Ibadan, we will all sleep at our colleagues’ place who stayed in Ibadan, We did the same to those who lived in Lagos. That was how it was back then. I want to plead with the young actors to let us work hand-in-hand. We need your contribution too.  Everything is evolving, culture itself is Dynamic.

We can’t do everything. And some of the young actors refused to join hands with each other because they are questing for power, but without unity and love things won’t work out well in the industry. They have forgotten that all power belongs to God. God should forgive our late boss “Ade Love”. He would always say don’t place yourself in power.

He also told us not to forget one another just like Foluke Daramola didn’t forget all the veterans. But let us put an end to Rebellion, Envy and Backbiting so that there could be progress. If your fellow colleague is successful, it is not by his/her power, it is by God’s grace. If you bring up an idea or a suggestion and we didn’t follow it, it doesn’t mean you should stop working with them, we all have to work together.

If you don’t have a good idea today, you will have it tomorrow. I plead with everybody let us work together.” he concluded.

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