I Don’t Believe There Is A God Orchestrating Anything On Earth — OAP, Ms Damn

Nigerian media personality, Ms Damn has stated that she does not believe there is a God orchestrating anything on earth.

Ms Damn made this known on her Instagram story during an interactive ‘Question and Answer’ session with her fans after a fan asked her is she believes in God.

According to the heavily-endowed socialite, there is too much suffering as people with good live are in the minority and she pointed out that if God operates in such a way that people suffer then she is not a believer.

Reacting to her post, some Nigerians alluded to the fact that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion as many disregarded her assertion, however, some claimed a lot of people share in her thoughts but are afraid to voice out because they criticism they will face.

Read a few reactions below;

@toyinroy wrote;

I know there is a God and he’s the one who created me, the earth and water. He might not be the white man that was sold to me, but there is a God and that’s the one I serve and He lives in my heart.

@symply_nnenna wrote;

Some of y’all somehow believe the same too but won’t voice it out to avoid being criticized 🙌🙌👩‍🦯👩‍🦯

@esientious wrote;

We have a lot of barbers yet we have people with long and unkempt hair. Does that mean the barber doesn’t exist?


@h_balogun wrote;

Every should do what works for them know dey scare people with nonsense.. Her thoughts should not be your business just drink water and my your business chief defense for God stopittt


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