KBNG Home | Featured | “I Gave Ibrahim Chatta A Big Surprise, Celebrating His Talent Because He’s the best Actor” – Skit Maker Isbae_u Says As He Gave Ibrahim Chatta A Surprise Gift for Best Tallent of the Year (Video)
Skit Maker Isbae_u had a thrilling surprise in store for Ibrahim Chatta, recognizing his exceptional talent as the Best Talent of the Year, praizemedia report.Isbae_u expressed his admiration for Ibrahim’s acting prowess in Yoruba movies, acknowledging that his talent is a divine gift. He felt grateful that his dream of acting alongside Ibrahim had become a reality and had longed to present him with a gift.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW ????⬇️⬇️⬇️????
Today, that wish finally materialized, and Isbae_u expressed his gratitude to God for making it happen.Overwhelmed with joy, Ibrahim Chatta exclaimed that Isbae_u had brought a smile to his face that would never fade away.He confessed that he hadn’t anticipated such a gesture from someone outside his tribe, and he deeply appreciated the decision to choose him. Ibrahim believed that God would never forget Isbae_u for his kind act.WATCH THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK HERE

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