Wizkid has intimated that he loves his unpredictable nature and how people struggle to get to read his movements.

He revealed that he enjoys surprising people and does not like to announce dates for any of his upcoming music releases.

In a recent interview the ‘Essence’ crooner granted in the USA, he told his fans that they would wake up one day and realize he has released a project without any prior date.

Wizkid announced that he will be releasing ‘More Love, Less Ego’ following the success of his current US tour, but his fans demanded a release date, which the singer declined, saying he would rather keep the date to himself.

in his words: “I don’t like to give dates because sometimes I may be late. But I really hate when people can predict me. Why should people know I am dropping an album tomorrow? Why can’t people just wake up and discover that I dropped my album last week or yesterday? I just love to drop it when people are less expectant.”

According to him, music is an art form that should not be guessed by anyone, and that he is in a whole new place in his career right now, and that he can’t offer everyone everything at once since it has to come in stages.

“I don’t like to say I have this song coming tomorrow or I have this collaboration coming next week because it comes with pressure that you can’t deal with it. I just want to give people surprises.” he added.


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