Akanni, the first son of veteran actor, Babatunde Omidina, aka Baba Suwe, has said he was happy that he was able to connect with his father before his death on Monday, November 22, 2021.

In an interview with journalists at the burial, Akanni, who did not know Baba Suwe as his father for many years, said, “I am very grateful to God that I met with my dad before his demise. I believe God is the only one who determines one’s death. I knew Baba Suwe right from childhood because I loved watching him on TV but my mother always asked me to change the station whenever she saw me watching any of his movies. However, I developed more interest in him. When I travelled out of the country, I also heard little about him but I could no longer watch his movies because of my job as a medical practitioner. I met with my dad twice after visiting him about four times before his demise. I am grateful I came home to support my dad. I am glad that I was able to show him love before his demise. Although I am Baba Suwe’s first son, I urge my uncles, aunts and other relatives to let love lead among my father’s children.”

The late actor’s alleged first wife, Suwe, identified simply as Ayodele, aka Suwe, was conspicuously present during the burial and according to her, she was with the late actor in his last moments.

She said, “I told the nurse that he was no longer breathing before she proceeded to check his pulse and discovered that he was dead. I never got remarried to anyone else. Baba Suwe was a good man and he was the only husband I ever had. He is the husband of my youth and the only one I got married to.”

Meanwhile actor and filmmaker, Saheed Bayonle, who identifies as Baba Suwe’s foster son also noted that contrary to insinuations in certain quarters, Omidina got all the support he needed from colleagues, fans and family members. He told Saturday Beats, “Baba Suwe’s illness started long before it became known to everyone. I guess it was worsened by old age. There was no problem with money because it was readily available. He got the support he needed from everyone, including his colleagues.

“The NDLEA issue was obviously a contributing factor to his illness. He was subjected to physical, mental and psychological torture. I understand that most people expected him not to be broken over the case because he was a man but there is a limit to what men can endure. Baba Suwe’s confidence in the country could have been boosted if he was given the compensation awarded to him by the court because he never peddled cocaine, contrary to what some people believed. In the long run, he was just all by himself because the government did not obey the court’s judgment.”

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