The woman of the moment, Aisha Yesufu has debunked news about her being beaten and says she would have returned the favour if the police had laid a hand on her.

Speaking at an interview, Aisha commended the Abuja protestors for being relentless in pursuit of what needs to be done in the country to save innocent lives and also make the country a better place to live.

According to her, she joined the protestors because of the pains inflicted on them i.e when the police tear-gassed and shot at them. “I did not organize the protest,” she said.

She also said, she saw no need running away from the police while they shot at her, she walked through until they started throwing bottled water at her and cursed a policeman who cursed her.

She stated emphatically that no one slapped her and if one policeman had tried to, she wouldn’t waste time to return the favour.

Watch video below:

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