The talented, award-winning actor, Lateef Adedemeji has finally revealed his marital status and relationship with Yoruba Nollywood’s best actress, Morayo Bimpe, in an interview on Tvc on “Your View” Programme. According to the actor, he was convinced that although he was single and outwardly, he would soon get engaged, and he would be associated with many romantic women who continue to talk and study, but soon this will happen.

When asked when he would marry a happy girl, he replied, “Soon.” It is said that a friend, a partner in the film industry, Recall to the nollywood Actress, Morayo Bimpe when she declared his relationship with Lateef Adedimeji, In her words, she said “I wouldn’t deny that we were both close. It’s okay for people to work because He’s my average best friend and it’s okay for people to work hard because we always play together and a lot of actors and actors are involved in filming and even production.

” I am a filmmaker and storyteller, Film festivals are my little passion, and he’s good. He always finds it in my work. I think a fan came uo with the story, We are good and compatible together, We’re just friends Please don’t forget to Like, share and leave comments for more entertainment gist


Watch the full interview below:

As popular as Lateef Adedimeji is, the one thing many people want to know about him is who he’s dating. There are actresses people thought of due to their closeness, but they have all replied that there’s nothing between them and Lateef Adedimeji.

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