Nollywood actress Peju Johnson has confirmed that she is eager to settle down as soon as possible.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Peju Johnson further revealed that starting a family is one of her priorities for 2022 and also listed her expectations from the man of her dreams.

“For 2022, I am looking forward to a better life and future. I want to be able to achieve my dreams. Somebody’s son finding me, settling down, having my own family. I really can’t wait to see all that happening. I pray my wedding bells rings anytime soon because I really want it. However, I am not getting any pressure from home to get married. In fact, my mum is a very loving and understanding woman. She won’t even force or rush me into taking a wrong decision because she knows everything happen at the right time and God’s timing is the best. Although she do ask once awhile but never pressurizing me to bring home a man,” she said.

Also giving hints on the kind of man she would love to settle down with, Ms Johnson reeled out her heart desire.

“My man must be loving, tall, dark, handsome, caring, romantic and respectful. Most importantly be needs to be God fearing because if a man can fear God, the rest is simple. Nowadays men don’t even fear themselves not to talk of God.
I can reject a serious suitor if he doesn’t have respect for me or for other people. I don’t like men that are disrespectful.
There are some people who call themselves my fans but are asking for my price tag. They want me to spend time with them and get paid. Some are sending me dick pictures. Obviously they ain’t my fans. I always feel embarrassed seeing all those kind of Dms. I can’t deal with such kind of men.”

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