Islamic cleric, Shaykh Amir Ajala has urged Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo as a Muslim to stop promoting alcohol.

Shaykh Amir Ajala said Femi Adebayo was seen in the Holy city Mecca a few days ago but back home he’s promoting alcohol which God forbade.

Femi Adebayo is a brand ambassador to Trophy Lager Beer.

In a video obtained by Timeofgist, Shaykh Amir Ajala said:

We have seen Femi Adebayo who is a Muslim attend Lesser Hajj countless times and he was also seen in this year’s Hajj.

And we notice he use to promote an alcoholic company, which am not going to mention, in fact he use to invite other entertainers to promote the brand.

But maybe he didn’t know the Sharia law on his action, but is my obligatory right for me to let him know the danger of what he’s doing.

The day before yesterday he was spot in Kabba and back home in Nigeria he usually promote a beer company.

Watch the full video below:

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