OAP Toolz has voiced out her sentiment about people who falsely accused others of sexual assault.

The mother of two is calling for some of the harshest punishment for these people and she disclosed this in a recent post she made on social media. The posts read; ”As someone who is deeply against sexual assault in any form, (in fact I would gladly vote for rapists to be castrated with no anaesthetic) I think its time to make sure people who falsely accuse others of sexual assault face harsher penalties. Its disgusting and downright evil to falsely accuse someone of such a barbaric crime out of revenge or any other reason. Its also a huge slap in the face for real victims. When these situations hit social media or the blogs, the noise after the initial accusation is so much louder than when the accusation is proven to be false. Unfortunately the aftermath of this is that you have an innocent person with an irreversibly damaged reputation. How many blogs actually make sure they correct their initial story? As a mum of 2 boys, who will be taught the importance of consent, I’ve thought about how damaging a false accusation could be for them (God forbid that ever happens) Lastly, should people be able to anonymously accuse someone of sexual assault? ”

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