James Brown Nigeria Obialor Profile

Real Name

James Brown Obialor

Date of Birth

February 22, 1999


22 Years (2021)

State of Origin

South East





Net Worth


James Brown Nigeria Biography

James Brown Nigeria Biography

James Brwon was born on February 22, 1999. He gained popularity when he was arrested at a gay party in Kelly Ann hotel at Egbeda in a Lagos. His grammatical errors earned him the moniker, ”They did not caught me”. During his arrest in 2018, he disclosed that he was HIV positive derived from his mother during his birth. However, he has dunked it saying he voice to free himself from the arrest.

He became a social media sensation when he granted a video interview during the police parade as he got the nickname “They Didn’t caught me”.

James Brown State Of Origin

James Brown whose real name is Obialor comes from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, he is of an Igbo indigen but very fluent in the Yoruba Language, which is attributed to the fact that he lived most of his early years in a ghetto area of Lagos called Mushin.

James Brown Nigeria Age

The popular scintillating Nigerian Crossdresser is 22 years old.

James Brown Nigeria Career

James Brown has been able to create a reputable brand for himself in the entertainment industry ever since he made waves after his arrest.

The controversial cross-dresser has been able to compete with other crossdressers by featuring in some Nollywood movies, James brown is also set to be featured in a documentary produced by the American pay television network, HBO.

James Brown Nigeria Song

In March 2021, James released his first song titled ‘Hey Durlings’, He has continued his pursuit towards greatness as he has been giving fans details about his plans of featuring in more movies.

James Brown Nigeria Controversies

Often regarded as one of the most controversial personalities in the entertainment industry, James Brown has been caught up in many dramatic scenes.

James Brown and Bobrisky

The drama between Bobrisky and his Protege James brown never seem to end and just last week took their beef on social media to another level.

The drama started when James Brown called out Bobrisky as he noted that his senior in the cross-dressing business is threatening and planning to kill him.

According to James Brown, Bobrisky is accusing him of stealing his contents.

However, Bobrisky replied by sharing a conversation of himself and James Brown as he threatened to send him to jail.

James Brown who was not scared of whatever will happen fired back at his senior colleague by insisting that jail is not what he should be threatened with.

According to the male barbie, he has been there before and would not be intimidated by Bobrisky’s threat.

James Brown Nigeria HIV

James Brown Nigeria HIV Status

One of the controversies he has been involved in was when he claimed he’s HIV positive when he was arrested alongside some homosexuals in 2018.

According to James Brown, his mother gave him HIV during childbirth. However, he eventually confessed that he lied about his HIV status as he noted that he was trying to save himself from the police.

Homosex*al Gay

James Brown during his arrest in 2018, denied being gay as he insisted that he was a dancer who had went to the club to showcase his talents.

James Brown Nigeria Sister
James Brown Nigeria and Sister

James Brown Nigeria Sister

In March 2021, James Brown Nigeria took to his social media page to reveal that he has been able to reunite with his sister grace after 5 years of been separated, he also shared a photo of him and grace together.

James Brown Nigeria Girlfriend

James Brown is not dating any lady. He, however, flaunts many men on his Instagram page. He is mostly seen with Tobi. TobiTheCreator is a model, actor and Television Personality.

James Brown Nigeria Net Worth

James Brown Nigeria Net Worth

James Brown Nigeria net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars. James Brown Obialor has been making money from different endorsement deals, blog post promotion of videos, songs, products, accessories and from YouTube. James Brown Obialor aka ‘They Didn’t Caught Me’ 2021 net Worth is expected to even rise.