The Hollywood pair were involved in a whirlwind, paparazzi-obsessed romance that culminated in a broken-off engagement in 2004.

After which, Jennifer married Marc Anthony in 2004, and Ben married Jennifer Garner in 2005. Although, they have been friends over the years, the couple merely picked up where they left off in 2021 after her broken off engagement with A-rod

Through marriages, children, breakups and divorce, this pair found their way back to each other’s arms after almost 17 years – theirs is the ultimate love story that says love will always find a way, and you can never miss out on the true love of your life.

Even though they got married in Vegas already this year, they decided to have a wedding with family and friends on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at their residence in Riceboro, Georgia.

Lopez wore three stunning Ralph Lauren gowns.

Her first look was an angelic turtleneck column dress made with more than 1,000 handkerchiefs and 1,640 feet of fabric. The handkerchiefs were layered to give the gown a voluminous tail.

The back of the gown was bare and showed off the incredible craftsmanship of the Ralph Lauren team. Lopez looked like the brides little girls dream about.

Ralph Lauren writes, “More than 1,000 hand-cut handkerchiefs and 1,640 feet of fabric were cut into ruffles and attached by hand, creating a voluminous, romantic skirt. Each handkerchief becomes a nostalgic keepsake and a modern heirloom, while the intricate constructed ruffled sleeves become a statement in craftsmanship and dignified design.”

For her second look, Lopez was draped in pearls and crystals. Thirty artisans did the embroidery by hand to create this dress that looked like crystals falling off a chandelier.

Her third look was more subtle yet so elegant and beautiful. Perhaps, our best look of the night.

Still the handwork of Ralph Lauren, Jlo wore a figure-hugging white gown, embroidered with crystals at the opening in the front and an organza veil.

The most beautiful thing about this outfit was the crisscross at the back of the gown. Talk about incredible detailing.

Jennifer Lopez was a beautiful bride in beautiful gowns with a beautiful love story.



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