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King Sunny Adé Biography

Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye MFR (born September 22, 1946) is a Nigerian jùj singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist better known as King Sunny Adé. He is regarded as one of the first African pop musicians to achieve international success and has been dubbed one of the world’s most influential musicians.

In 1967, King Sunny Adé formed his own backing band, which became known as the African Beats. Sunny Alade achieved national success in Nigeria during the 1970s and founded his own independent label.

In 1982, King Sunny Adé signed with Island Records and achieved international success with the albums Juju Music (1982) and Synchro System (1983), the latter earning him a Grammy nomination, a first for a Nigerian artist.

His 1998 album Odu was also nominated for a Grammy. The Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria is currently chaired by King Sunny Adé.

King Sunny Adé Biography
King Sunny Adé Biography:Age, Net Worth, Songs and Awards
Full Name:Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye
Stage Name:King Sunny Adé
Born:22 September 1946 (age 76 years old)
Place of Birth:Osogbo, Osun, Nigeria
State Of Origin:Ondo State
Height:1.75 m
Parents:Maria Adegeye, Samuel Adeniyi Adegeye
Wife • Spouse:7
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Occupation:Musician • Actor
Net Worth:US$55 million

His Early Life and Education

King Sunny Adé was born in Osogbo to a Nigerian royal family from Ondo and Akure, making him a Yoruba Omoba. His father, Samuel Adeniyi Adegeye, was a church organist, and his mother, Maria Adegeye (née Adesida), was a trader.

King Sunny Adé is still alive and well at the age of 75. Every September 22nd, he celebrates his birthday.

His mother’s relatives included her father, Oba Adesida I, as an Adesida dynasty member (who ruled Akure for 60 years). They would later have her nephew and King Sunny Adé’s cousin, Oba Adebiyi Adegboye Adesida Afunbiowo II, who was also King of Akure.

King Sunny Ade attended an Ondo grammar school before leaving after a few years to join the Lagos-based highlife band, Federal Rhythm Dandies.

His Career

King Sunny Adé’s musical career began in 1960, when he joined singer Moses Olaiya’s highlife band, Federal Rhythm Dandies, in Lagos. After seven years, the singer formed his own band, The Green Spots, which he later renamed African Beats, and then Golden Mercury.

King Sunny Adé, known for his classic guitar touches and dancing moves, has embarked on several tours throughout Africa, Europe, and America. His debut album, “Juju Music,” was released in 1982 by Island Records, and his second album, “Syncro System,” was released a year later. The latter earned him his first Grammy Award nomination, while “Odu,” which he released in 1988, earned him his second.

The Afropop star’s music is characterized by instruments such as the guitar, vibraphone, clavinet, talking drum, tenor guitar, and dignitaries’ praises, which most times records the oral tradition of the Yoruba tribe. He has worked with well-known artists such as Steve Wonder, Bola Abimbola, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, and Manu Dibango.

King Sunny Ade has a nightclub, a studio for aspiring musicians, a performing arts center, and a foundation in addition to his illustrious musical career. He also teaches at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife.

King Sunny Ade was awarded the national honor of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic in 2008 for his immense contribution to the world industry, and he was also inducted into the Afropop Hall of Fame at the Brooklyn African Festival in the United States in July 2009.

His music has appeared in a number of Hollywood films. His song was featured in the 1983 film “Breathless” and the 1986 comedy series “One More Saturday Night.” Nigerian minister Lai Mohammed appointed him as a “change” ambassador in March 2017.

His Personal Life

The marital relationship of the chairman, King Sunny Adé, has long been a source of speculation in Nigeria. Given his success and good looks, many people believe he has what it takes to win the hearts of women.

The Juju maestro currently has seven women in his life. Though the details of his marriages to each of them are not available online, one remarkable aspect of King Sunny Adé’s relationship with them is that he loves them equally and appears to be very fond of them.

In January 2018, the singer set many tongues wagging on social media when he shared a photo of his seven wives, leading many online users to believe he is still practicing the age-old practice of polygamy. A photo of himself looking very excited was also attached to the picture, along with a short message that read: “My Women Crush Wednesday.”

When it comes to his children, King Sunny Adé has over 15 children from his relationships with his wives. King Sunny Adé was already a father of 12 when he released his controversial song Wait for Me in 1989. The number of his children is unknown to the public at the time of writing, but the singer certainly has a large number of children who make up his vast empire.

His Awards

Throughout his career, King Sunny Adé has received numerous awards. He was awarded the AFRIMA award in November 2016. He was inducted into the Hard Rock Cafe Hall of Fame in December 2016.

His Filmography

  1. Breathless (1983) (King Sunny Adé (Music)
  2. O.C. and stiggs (1985) (Filmed 1983) King Sunny Adé (Music & appearance)
  3. One More Saturday Night (1986) King Sunny Adé (Music)
  4. Fifty (2015) King Sunny Adé (Music & appearance)

His Discography

  1. The best of classic years (2003)
  2. Seven degrees north (2000)
  3. Odu (1998)
  4. The truth “Otito” (1985)
  5. Aura (1984)
  6. Vintage (1984)
  7. Syncro system (1983)
  8. Syncro series (1983)
  9. Juju music (1982)
  10. Maa jo (1982)
  11. Eje Nlogba (1980)
  12. Ja funmi
  13. Mo Ti Mo
  14. Ma Jaiye Oni
  15. Ase
  16. Oremin
  17. Let them say
  18. Merciful God
  19. Mo Ti Kole Min Sori Apata
  20. Oluwa lo yan mi
  21. Odu oteyi yato
  22. Samba
  23. Ariya
  24. E dide e mujo
  25. Gbe Kini ohun de
  26. Eje Nlo Gba Ara Mi

His Net Worth

A position in the Nigerian music industry and becoming a legendary figure has been a source of discussion for the musician. With this, King Sunny Ade’s net worth is estimated to be US$55 million.

His Social Media

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