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Kunle Adeyanju Biography

Nigerian adventure motorcyclist, business owner, and novelist Kunle Adeyanju lives in London and recently rode his bike from London to Lagos to raise money for charity. He has been posing challenges to others around him and requesting contributions to the charity fund.

Full Name:

Kunle Adeyanju

Date of Birth:



– years

State of Origin:

Kwara State, Nigeria






Mr and Mrs Adeyanju

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Kunle Adeyanju Journey From London to Lagos

Adeyanju Embarked on his trip on 19th of april 2022, He revealed his plans to travel to Lagos on bike in a post on his Twitter account in April, just before he left.
He revealed that he planned on traveling for more than 25 days and 12,000 kilometers. In addition, he described his intended path, which will take him from London to Lagos, Nigeria, via France, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, and Ghana, before passing through another 14 nations.
He claims that all the money he gathered will go toward primary healthcare, the Polio Plus Project, water, and sanitation. Kunle adeyanju noted that he cheated death 4 times during his London to Lagos Road Adventure and he also noted that he will be going to isreal from Lagos Nigeria.

Kunle Adeyanju Record

At Africa’s highest mountain peak, Kilimanjaro, Kunle Adeyanju became the first Nigerian to hoist the national flag of his country.

Kunle Adeyanju Nationality

Kunle Adeyanju is a Nigerian By Birth

Kunle Adeyanju Wife

Information regarding Kunle Adeyanju’s relationships or personal life has never been made public. He may or may not be married, and he may or may not have a girlfriend right now.

Kunle Adeyanju Career

When Kunle Adeyanju was still a student at the university, he became a member of Rotary Club. He was determined to raise awareness about the polio virus in Africa. In Africa, polio is comparable to an epidemic.

He worked for Shell Petroleum from 2006 to 2009. Following the completion of his university studies, he started working as a management trainee at a British American Tobacco Company. He has now founded the Pelicians DNO, a private company where he serves as CEO.

He started his motorcycle journey from London to Lagos in April 2022 in order to generate money for basic healthcare, the Polio Plus Project, water, and sanitation.

To raise awareness for the international “End Polio Now” campaign and to generate money to deal with local issues, Kunle has ridden a bicycle through challenging terrain and to isolated locations.

Additionally a motivational speaker, Kunle has delivered his remarks at a number of occasions, including Tedz Oloibiri Road, Arm of Hope International, ABU Alumnus, and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

Additionally, he has written a book titled “Great Thinkers” in which he has compiled the sage advice from notable figures from around the world. “My Escapades on Kili,” his debut book, was released in 2013 and provided a colorful description of his journey to Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Kunle has always been fascinated by the natural world and the inhabitants of it as an adventurous biker. He has traveled to places like Qatar, Marrakech, Uganda, Poland, Rome, Jerusalem, and South Korea, all of which are known for their vibrant cultures.

Kunle has a blog called “The Pelicans” where he posts his thoughts on various topics, including soft skills.

Kunle Adeyanju Hobbies

In addition to motorcycling and cycling, Kunle Adeyanju enjoys outdoor adventure games and activities like skydiving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping.

Kunle Adeyanju Educational Background

Only in the country, Kunle Adeyanju finished his primary and secondary school before enrolling at Ahmadu Bello University in Zarioa. Kunle joined the Rotary Club while still enrolled in school.

He pursued a course in Postgraduate learning in 2009, finishing with a Master’s. At the University of Arizona in the USA, he is presently pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration with a focus in social entrepreneurship.

Kunle Adeyanju Social Media

Kunle Adeyanju is on Twitter and Instagram, the links are given below:


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kunle Adeyanju:

Q.1 Who is Kunle Adeyanju?

Ans: Kunle Adeyanju is a London-based Nigerian adventure biker, an entrepreneur, and an author.

Q.2 What is the age of Kunle Adeyanju?

Ans: Kunle Adeyanju’s exact age is not known.

Q.3 Is Kunle Adeyanju married?

Ans: No, Kunle Adeyanju is not married as per sources.

Q.4 What is Kunle Adeyanju’s net worth?

Ans: Kunle Adeyanju’s net worth is not known.

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