Lady Duped As She Was Given An Android Phone Instead Of iPhone She Paid For

A Nigerian lady has disclosed how she was hoodwinked in paying for an iPhone 11 Pro Max yet was given an android phone at the dreaded Computer Village, a place that has gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons.

The lady whose Twitter ID is @The_Ckarisma, said she paid for an iPhone but got home to realize she has been tricked as it was an Android phone that was given to her instead, much to her utmost shock.
I have always heard of the infamous computer village. I visited that demonic coven of the most hideous criminals in Lagos today. I went with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is what I got back. I can’t even explain how. One of my guy talk sey them steal him a phone for there one time. The funny thing na say him Bluetooth earphones still dey work till e reach house.

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