“Life after Ibidun” Pastor Ituah Ighodalo in new family shoot

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, the lead pastor of Trinity House, a non-denominational, free flow Christian center and his two kids have featured in a new family shoot; this is the first feature since his wife, Ibidunni Ighodalo died on June 14, 2020.

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo was married to the late Ibidun Ighodalo, an ex-beauty queen and an event management expert of which they have two children together, Unuakemonyi Olajumoke Ighodalo and Ehizenan Akintunde Ighodalo.

Since her demise, Pastor Ighodalo has had to cope with life as a single parent.

Reports says that the shoot was organized by Media room hub and during the session he shared his single parenting experience, and talks about how much he still loves his late wife, and life without her. He also touches on remarrying. He uses every opportunity to express how much he still loves her and cherishes all the moments they had together.

I am okay, we thank God for things and in all things, we give God thanks, it has been a very tough, painful and difficult journey, there is no doubt about that, but we have hope, we look up to God and he has helped us in difficult times, we are coping with life, life happens.

There is nothing that I didn’t know when my wife was around, most of what I am doing, I did it when she was around because I was going to be a handsome father, but now I have intensified it to compensate for the thing my wife would have done. My wife helped me, she trained me well and I also helped myself because I wanted to be a handsome father, to be as involved in their life as I could and we had a very good partnership and relationship, but there are some things she used to do, but now I do them with joy. It’s a privilege to have them in my life, it’s a privilege for me to be part of their life.

If you are a single dad as it were, then you must be ready to be a single dad and we will help to train you, to educate you, to help you to be a single dad. The reason why we talk on single mum is because they are more prevalent in the society. Today, hardly will you see a dad taking care of his children, he’d rather give the children to his mother, mother-in-law and sisters to take care of, so that he can carry on with his life. All those things must change, you need to take responsibility for your children and you need the children to be part of your live, that thing affect children psychologically when they are old without them realizing it, some children behave badly because they fill, they were abandoned, rejected and not properly taken care of.

” Pastor Ituah Ighodalo told media room hub.


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