Linda Osifo Biography: Age, Family And Net Worth

Linda Osifo, the Melanin Goddess. She is without a doubt one of the best female actors in Nollywood, the world’s second-largest film production industry. In this piece, we’ll be looking at the exquisite ex-beauty queen. Yes, we will learn more about Actress Linda Osifo‘s biography, net worth, assets, and accomplishments.

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Linda Osifo Biography

Linda Osifo is a Nigerian model and actress. The “Melanin Goddess”  as She fondly call herself was born in Benin and is an Edo State native. Linda Osifo was born on July 27, 1991, which means she is just a few months shy of 31 years old. Surprisingly, the Linda Osifo family only has five members. Yes, she was born into a modest household of five people, which included herself, her sister and brother (Uyi Osifo), and their parents.

The Nollywood actress grew up in Edo State’s capital, under the watchful eye of her grandmother. However, by the age of eight, the founder of the Love and Oneness Foundation had departed Nigeria. She crossed the border into the Great White North. Linda Osifo left Nigeria at the age of eight for Canada. She finished her basic schooling in the Great White North before moving on to earn a bachelor’s degree. Linda graduated from the prestigious York University in Toronto, Canada, with a bachelor of science degree in psychology around the age of 22.

After completing the degree, the following steps in life were to either pursue a higher degree or establish a career. Her preference was for the latter, but there was a catch: which job path would she pursue? She eventually chose a career in her field of interest. She had always enjoyed being in the spotlight, whether as an actor or a model.


Linda Osifo has lived most of her life in Toronto, Canada

however, Is Linda Osifo married? Linda Osifo appears to be single, but we don’t know if she is currently involved in a romantic relationship. As a result, we can’t really determine who Linda Osifo’s partner is right now.

Linda Osifo Age

Linda Osifo was born on July 27, 1991, which means she is just a few months shy of 31 years old

Linda Osifo Acting and Modeling Career

Linda Osifo attributes the foundation of her acting career to her early days of performing in school plays and church plays. This is what she said when she spoke to BBC Pidgin.

I dey 16 years wen I realise say na acting I wan do for life. At dat age I dey very involve for school drama and acting for church

So, even at the age of 16, she recognized acting as something she enjoyed. But it wasn’t only acting, because modeling was always someplace in the frame of reference. Yes, Linda Osifo had a successful modeling career and even competed in a few beauty pageants. In 2011, she competed in Miss Nigeria Entertainment Canada and finished first runner up. That same year, she competed in and finished as the second runner-up in the Miss AfriCanada pageant.

However, after her two failed efforts at winning a beauty pageant, Linda returned to acting. Yes, by 2012, she had her first playing role in a film (Family Secrets) directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka, a famous filmmaker. Interestingly, the film was not shot in Nigeria, therefore she was yet to make her formal Nollywood debut.

The premiere was approaching, but it would not be without the typical bumps and tears that accompany new actors. In response, she stated:

Dem reject me many times. Wen I start many producer no know me. Dem no know who I be. E get many times I go-go audition and nobody go call me

Anyway, she made her formal Nollywood debut in 2014, albeit in a minor role in the film “King Akubueze,” which starred Nuella Njubigbo, Clem Ohameze, and Micheal Godson. Her major break came the following year, when she landed a role in Ebonylife TV’s hit series “Desperate Housewives Africa.”


Linda Osifo Movies

Linda Osifo’s performance in the EbonyLife TV series catapulted her to fame, and she hasn’t looked back since. In reality, since 2015, she has been in some of Nollywood’s most significant cinematic projects. Linda Osifo’s most recent films and projects include:

  • A Naija Christmas (2021)
  • Love is Thicker (2021)
  • Devil in Agbada (2021)
  • Noxious Affair (2021)
  • The Perfect Time (2021)
  • Lemonade (2020)
  • Believe in You (2020)
  • Unroyal (2020)
  • Son of Mercy (2019)
  • Forever and a Day (2019)
  • Merry Men 2
  • The Space Between (2019)
  • Last Request (2019)
  • Mad About You (2019)
  • Life As It Is (TV Mini-Series) – 2018
  • No Late Nights (2018)
  • A Lot Like Love (2017)
  • Hidden Truth (TV Movie) – 2017
  • Fifty (TV Series) – 2015

Linda Osifo has recently experimented with being a television host as well as a compère. She recently co-hosted the game program “The Give’n’Take National Jackpot” with renowned Nollywood actor Segun Arinze.

Linda Osifo Awards

When it comes to Linda Osifo’s professional accomplishments, the “melanin goddess” has been nominated on multiple occasions for her outstanding performances in front of the camera. Her work as Rhetta Moore in Desperate Housewives of Africa earned her an ELOY Award nomination for Best Actress in a TV Series. Other nominees include:

“2016 Diaspora Entertainment Awards: Best Actress”
“2018 Starzz Awards: – Creative Actor of the Year”
“Best Supporting Actress (2020)” at the Toronto Nollywood International Film Festival.

Surprisingly, she won the award based on one of the nominations. Yes, during the 2018 Starzz Awards, she was named Creative Actor of the Year.

Linda Osifo Net Worth

Linda Osifo is estimated to be worth about  $300,000 and $3.5 million when converted to Naira Linda Osifo Net worth in Naira is About  125million – ₦1.5billion.

Linda Assets

Linda Osifo Houses

When it comes to housing, Linda Osifo is said to live in an elite Lagos neighborhood. There are also rumours that Linda Osifo has a new residence somewhere in Lagos. Is it possible that the rumor is true? If you look at Linda Osifo net worth, you could wish to agree with the rumors.

Linda Osifo Cars

Linda appears to cruise about in some extremely nice cars on the car front. We’ve seen her flash around and even pose for photos with luxury vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and the Range Rover SUV.


Linda Osifo and her Range Rover SUV



Can you guess the Mercedes Benz model in the background?



Does Linda Osifo own all of the cars in the background?





Frequently Asked Questions about Linda Osifo

Is Linda Osifo married or single?

Linda is single and searching for a faithful companion to engage in love and settle down in marriage.

Which state is Linda Osifo?

Linda Osifo originally hails from Benin City, Edo State south southern part of Nigeria, Africa.

Family, Parents and Childhood

Linda Osifo happens to be the first daughter of her father and mother. Though she grew up with her grand mother and moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the age of 16 where she spent most of her adult years. She relocated to Lagos, Nigeria to pursue her acting career.

Is Linda Osifo and Alex Osifo related?

This has been the question fans have been asking if she is related to Nollywood veteran Alex Osifo or if is his daughter. The answer is that, Linda Osifo and Alex Osifo are not related, but both are from Edo state, Nigeria.

Engaged, Fiancè, Wedding

Is Linda Osifo? It’s still not known whether Linda Osifo is engaged or has a fiancè because she never disclose that to the media, she keeps that aspect private.

Marriage, Married, Husband

Is Linda Osifo married? Linda Osifo is single and not married yet. She does not have a husband at the moment, but is not searching either.

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